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If Only I Weren’t Here… – Chapter 2 – Kid Discussion


This discussion assumes that you have recently read Chapter 2 of The Sorcerer’s Stone

Wondering How My Life Might Be Happier

“Sometimes, when he (Harry Potter) strained his memory during long hours in his cupboard, he came up with strange visions…” – Harry was trying to think of the family that he used to have.

fink-kids-movie-harry-potter-adoptionHarry was having a really good day and then found his day ending in his cupboard with himself in deep deep trouble. He lays in his cupboard thinking long not about the fun animals he saw at the zoo or either of the tasty treats he enjoyed on the early outing – no, he is thinking about the unfairness of the day.

It really wasn’t his fault that a snake got loose in the zoo. It wasn’t his fault that his cousin, Dudley, was frightened by the snake. It wasn’t his fault that he could unknowingly talk to snakes. Not fair. Not fair. Not fair.

In the dark cupboard, Harry started to think about how his life might be happier. He tries to remember anything about his mom and dad. He just knows that his life would be better if he were with them.

When I Get In Trouble I Think…

All of my kids were in various foster homes before being adopted into our family. My middle son and daughter still tell me that sometimes even at our house, “I think when I’m in trouble if I lived with my biological mom, none of this (bad situations) would happen to me.”‘

When my daughter was small, she actually went one step further from remembering the good times at her biological home and made up pretend stories of how she wanted her life. She told me that her biological mom was an important ambassador in Africa and had to fly to and from the United States all the time. Her mom could not take care of her because she was always going to Africa.

“I knew bad things happened at my biological home and I didn’t want to live with her (biological mom). I did really miss her.”


My oldest son blamed his biological brothers and sister for not having a happy life. Whenever he went through a sad time he would tell me that he would still be living happily with his mom if his brothers and sister had not been born. He was convinced that his brothers and sister were too difficult to take care of at his biological home.

When you get in trouble or things seems really sad, it’s normal to think that living somewhere else would be better and easier. My middle son says though, “There would be different problems if I lived with my biological mom.”

My daughter thinks that “kids have to hang in there. Things will get better and hopefully they (kids) will eventually get adopted (if they aren’t already).”

“Just remember that you might want to go back to your biological home, but there will still be problems there, too.”


Your turn:

  • Was it fair for Harry to get in trouble with the issue with the snake?
  • How does Harry feel about his Aunt & Uncle? his mom and dad?
  • Is it good for him to think about his mom and dad? Why or why not?
  • Do you think about living somewhere else? Why? When?
  • What problems might you have if you lived at your biological home?
  • What problems would you have if you ran away from home?
  • What do you like about the home/family you live with now?



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