Nurturing Foster & Adoptive Kids By Giving A Hoot About Their Caregivers


The Issues:

Most foster parents are NOT prepared to handle specialized behaviors brought on by trauma, sexual abuse, PTSD, malnutrition and other issues that are present in nearly all foster or adoptive children. Consequently, children frequently suffer another traumatic move to a new another home due to overwhelmed caregivers.

  • 50% of U.S. foster parents will quit the first year due to feeling ill-equipped
  • 100% of foster and adoptive children have been through trauma

Our Goal:

Transfiguring Adoption shows foster & adoptive parents, professionals, and educators how to harness movies, books, video games, and even everyday play to help foster and adoptive kids process past trauma and hurts.

Our Solutions:

  1. [Online Workshops]
    Designed to connect caregivers & professionals with dynamic ways to help kids from traumatic pasts
  2. [Media Review Program]
    Trained reviewers create discussion packets which parents use to avoid trauma triggers and create bonding conversations
  3. [Books Series]
    Teaching families to use everyday play for healing and providing characters kids from trauma backgrounds can relate with

Other Interesting Projects:

  1. [Book Lists] with Books for Both Kids and Grownups with reviews and discussion guides
  2. Easy to Search [Movie Lists] and Video Game Lists with reviews and discussion guides
  3. Children’s Book [Discussion Guides] (with book reviews)
  4. [Kids’ Discussion Guide using the Harry Potter Series]
  5. [Advice from a Foster/Adoptive Mom]
  6. Insight from [Adult Adoptees & Current and Former Foster Youth]

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