Chapter 16 – Time to Get Schooled – Kids’ Discussion


We’re almost to the end of Harry’s first big adventure at Hogwarts School. Harry has been through a lot in this book.

Here is some of what we have seen happen:

  • Harry discovered that he was special.
  • Harry has made close friendships.
  • Harry has found that he has talents for things like Quidditch.
  • Harry has learned more about his biological family.

The Present Chapter

Do you think this chapter is exciting? There are so many things happening. There is a lot of dangerous tasks, and each person in the trio must use their special talent to get the crew closer to who has stolen the sorcerer’s stone. We noticed in this chapter that Hermione really shines in getting past the enchantments protecting the stone.

  1. She gets the boys out of danger from the Devil’s Snare plant.
  2. She figures out the logic puzzle so that Harry and her drink the correct potions.

Harry even praises Hermione by telling her that her cleverness is wonderful, and that he couldn’t have gotten so far without her book smarts. Usually Hermione is seen as the geeky kid who has nothing better to do but study all the time. However, her knowledge was huge in keeping Ron and Harry alive during this chapter. Without Hermione, the boys would have more than likely perished.

Let’s Get Schooled

This leads our family to talking about school. Our kids like certain subjects in school, but as a whole, they would all prefer staying home and playing the Wii all day long. Jasmine would love nothing more than if school were an endless day of science experiments and art classes. Matthew would love health class so that he can learn how the human body works and how to keep oneself healthy. Cody could talk about current events all day long, while Dalton would like to go to recess.


All four kids agree though that school is important. Why?! Here’s what they say:

  • If you want to have your own house someday, you have to be able to know certain skills like how to handle money.
  • Getting your dream job means that you have to have enough knowledge to get the job.
  • Having a family requires a lot of skills like reading recipes, doing math to pay bills, general science to know how to care for a person, etc.

It’s Important, But I Don’t Want To Think About It

The difficult thing is that foster kids sometimes have had to care for themselves for so long that learning doesn’t seem important. Really?! Sure. I mean at least one of my kids had to worry about finding food when they were little. Unfortunately, that fear doesn’t just go away. It’s hard to be concerned about wanting to get a good job and have a family when you’re still scared that you might not have food today.


What if your biological parents couldn’t care for you properly, you had abusive foster parents, and you had to leave several other homes? Would you want to learn when you think that adults either leave you or don’t know what they’re doing?

What should you do?

Well, if we all agree that school is important but agree that it’s hard for a foster kid to learn, then what needs to happen. My kids believe it’s simple really. Foster and adoptive kids need to talk to their parents, counselors and trusted adults about their fears and anger. Only when you talk about your feelings can other people try to understand and help you.

However, I don’t think that it is a simple fix. In our house one of my kids does better not worrying about food, BUT Margie and I still find hoards of food in their room from time to time. I guess what I’m trying to say is that other trusted adults will help you a lot, but don’t be discouraged if those old feelings come back to get the best of you. It’s normal, and it happens.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Which protective enchantment would scare you the most?
  2. What is your favorite school subject?
  3. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  4. What are things you have to learn in school to get your dream job?
  5. Do you like school? Why or Why not?
  6. Are you ever scared that you won’t have enough food to eat? If yes, does your house have plenty of food?
  7. How do you know that your foster/adoptive parents take care of you?
  8. What are things that your foster/adoptive parents have to think about that you don’t have to worry about? (i.e. My parents keep my little brother safe, so I don’t have to mother him. My parents make sure my sister gets to soccer practice, so I don’t have to watch her schedule.)

Now It’s Your Turn:

Please share your thoughts, advice and questions with us in the comments section. Your ideas will help other kids and families that are going through this blog.


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Co-founder and President of Transfiguring Adoption. Darren is a graduate of Illinois State University where he studied fine art. He offers foster and adoptive parents over a decade of experience in parenting foster and adoptive children, as well as his introductory to counseling training. Darren is the author of the "A Guide to Magical Creatures Around Your Home," book series. [email protected] LinkedIn: Book series:

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