Video Games for Foster and Adoptive Families

NOTE: Inclusion on these lists does not necessarily mean endorsement. Furthermore, with all our resources, we highly recommend you preview them first to determine if there are any trauma triggers that your child may not be ready to handle. Transfiguring Adoption does not intend for its reviewers nor its review to be professional, medical or legal advice. These reviews and discussion guides are intended to help parents to better be able to connect and understand their children who come from traumatic backgrounds.



None3 Out of 5 Hoots transfiguring-adoption-three-hoot-book-review
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons [READ REVIEW]Teen4 Out of 5 Hoots transfiguring-adoption-four-hoot-book-review 
Crayola DigiTools Airbrush Pack [READ REVIEW]3 yrs +
Fortnite Battle Royale

[Read Review]

Teen3 Out of 5 Hoots transfiguring-adoption-three-hoot-book-review
Golden Snitch: The Quidditch Board Game [READ REVIEW]7 yrs +
HearthstoneT3 Out of 5 Hoots transfiguring-adoption-three-hoot-book-review
Last Day of June


E4 Out of 5 Hoots transfiguring-adoption-four-hoot-book-review
Disney's Storymation: Stop-Motion Kit [READ REVIEW]
Pie Face! [READ REVIEW]3 yrs +
World of Disney Eye Found It [READ REVIEW]4 yrs +


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