You Don’t Look Adopted – Review

What I Thought:

For the adoptive parent, Anne gives readers an inside look at the impacts of adoption on adoptee, from how others referring to her birth parents as her “real” parents or minimizing how adoption should impact her since she got a “good family” affects her and others as adoptees, to the harm done by adoptive parents who do not speak openly with their children about adoption and the complex feelings associated with it. [READ MORE]

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Written by
Margie Fink: Development Director Margie received her degree in psychology and has worked in various social work capacities. Margie has been chosen in the past to speak on Capitol Hill about the Refundable Adoption Tax Credit. She is a witty foster/adoptive mom who is able to give kids from hard places loving structure while providing unbelievable homemade cooking. Margie co-founded Community Kids, a resource and networking 501(c)3 created to assist foster, adoptive, and relative caregiver families. Check Out: Thoughts From A Foster-Adoptive Mom

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