Questions – A Song-Poem by a Young Adoptee


Why did she have to leave me?
Why did she have to go?
Did she not love me?
Why did I have to leave mom?

These questions will always haunt me.
It’s so unfair!
Why did they hurt me?!
Why did she burn me?

The questions of foster kids always haunt them.
They always hurt them. Hurt me.

I want to help you get through this.
I know what it is like,
Feeling all alone.
That dark place weighing you down,
With all these questions.

You just want answers.
Some you will never know.
Don’t keep these questions to yourself.
Tell someone close to you.

I just want to say,
I’m here to help you.
I went through it too.
You’re not alone.
I’m here with so many others.
You’re not alone.
This dark place can be brought to light.
It can be cured.
It can be fixed.

Questions can be answered,
If you ask.

jasmine-fink-foster-adoption-harry-potterJasmine Fink was Adopted from Foster Care in 
Southern Illinois, USA. She enjoys science and learning about animals. Jasmine has found that she has a gift for writing and hopes to help other kids 
in or from the foster care system with her talent.
In 2015 Jasmine was 11 years old.


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