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Molly Moon and the Book of Hypnotism-An adult adoptee’s movie review


We hit the video store and had a movie marathon! The two movies we chose had a central theme. We didn’t realize this when we chose our selections, but both Molly Moon and the Book of Hypnotism  and Pan feature orphans who were abandoned at the doorstep of orphanages as babies. Both orphanages were run by cruel women who seemed to be set on making all of the children suffer simply because they were orphans. Both of these children longed for their chance  to be special and extraordinary.

The Synopsis

I will start with Molly Moon and the Book of Hypnosis, simply because it was the first movie we watched.  In this particular story, Molly Moon, the main character, was left on the doorstep of an orphanage as a baby.  The woman who ran this particular home did not allow fun, reading, or any particular comforts at all.  She punished the children for wanting to participate in a local talent show, and particularly, She had a sore spot for Molly.  Her idea of ultimate punishment, was to recommend Molly’s bonded group home brother for adoption to a couple just to separate them.  Molly then found an incredible book that has magical powers and acted as a guide to her as she began to learn how to hypnotize people around her, including the mean cook and group home cook (no more fish head stew).  This is where the movie takes some odd twists

Molly then goes to find her best friend (and orphanage brother) in London, and tries to convince him to leave his new family and come back to the orphanage to be with her.  But when he tells her to go away, she hypnotizes everyone around her in the big city and becomes a super singing star overnight, all while a man who wants to use her and he hypnosis abilities to rob an armored car full of jewels.

What Our Family Thought

Ok. This movie had a lot going on for it.  While it did have central themes of sticking together and being family with those around you, and it touched very briefly on the need of someone in this situation to know a bit about his or her history, and the feeling of just waiting around for our birth mothers to come and get us, it was a terrible movie.  There were a few funny parts, but all in all, the plot was too busy, and the movie became boring.  My daughter decided to play with our cat and chase him around instead of finishing this show.  I found we could get very little discussion out of this one, and the only thing we all agreed that we enjoyed about Molly Moon was the Pug she hypnotized to be her best friend.


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