Calming Down After A Fight


If you haven’t read one of my blogs before, my name is Jasmine Fink. I’m eleven years old, and I was adopted out of foster care. I hope my experiences will help other kids.


Today I got in a fight with my friend.

It went  somewhat like this:

We were playing tennis in the neighborhood when I saw a big bird. I think it was a robin. I thought the bird was cool. My friend wanted me to stop looking at the birds, so I stopped. After a few minutes, I saw a lot of robins. Again, I thought it was cool, but my friend didn’t want me to look at the little flock of birds.

She yelled, “They’re just stupid little birds!”

She scared them away but not on purpose. She said that I was too caught up in nature. She told me I should try something more interesting or at least something new. I told her that I only thought that nature really gained my interest when I was young, and I wanted to be a marine biologist my entire life. She said that maybe I am not supposed to be a marine biologist.


That was it!

All of my feelings burst out! I YELLED AT HER! I ran away and went into my house. Before I knew it, I was inside telling my dad what happened to me. Just so you know I was crying too.

Time To Calm Things Down

I had to calm down. How did I do this?

  • I talked things through with my dad.
  • I wrote the situation down so that it was out of my head.

After I calmed down, I talked to my friend. We are still very good friends.

What about you?

  1. What makes you angry?
  2. How do you calm down?



What do you think?

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