Enjoy Hot Chocolate & Ornament Tradition With Adoptive Grandkids


Ornament Tradition and Christmas Past

December is here! Christmas is coming! It’s always fun to trim the Christmas tree, especially if you have grandchildren or children to help. I enjoy finding small inexpensive ornaments that can be personalized to give to each one of my grandchildren. I write the name and the year on an ornament for him/her. By doing this each year they each have a new ornament to add to the tree. It is fun to sit and look at the tree with them and count the number of ornaments they have. The number of ornaments, of course, is the number of years they have been a part of our family. Then we can talk about how fast the time seems to have gone by for Grandma, how fast they are growing up and remember the things we have done together at Christmas time and other special occasions and how thankful and blessed Grandma is to have them in her life.


Drink Hot Chocolate While Reminiscing

While admiring the beauty of the Christmas tree and reminiscing it is also nice to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate together. Here is a recipe for “Hot Chocolate Mix” given to me years and years ago by an aunt of Grandpa’s.


1 (8 qt) box powdered milk
1 (6 oz) jar powdered non-dairy creamer
1 lb powdered sugar
1 (2 lb) box Nestle Quick

  • Mix all ingredients together.
  • Store in airtight container.
  • To serve put 3 heaping teaspoons mix in a mug
  • Add boiling water and stir.


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Maxine is the mother of two grown children and grandma to seven grandchildren. Four of her grandchildren have been adopted out of the foster care system. Maxine currently lives in Quincy, Illinois with her husband Don.

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