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Team Member Registration

Thank you for joining our contest to raise awareness about nonprofit, Transfiguring Adoption, through social media platforms and raise funds to help fund Transfiguring Adoption’s Media Review Project, which shows foster and adoptive parents how to help children process trauma through the use of current books, movies, and video games.

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**Transfiguring Adoption is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Individuals and participating in this event are doing so of their own will. Transfiguring Adoption, its staff and volunteers advise participants to check with their doctor before taking part in this event. Those participating in this event take ownership of their own physical, mental and emotional health and agree that Transfiguring Adoption, its staff, and volunteers are not to be held for any physical or emotional damages/injuries that could occur. This event is open to anyone in the public who agree to follow the event rules and regulations. Transfiguring Adoption does not discriminate based on gender, religion, culture, sexual orientation, and so on. Transfiguring Adoption will not allow hate speech or bullying to occur during this event and the organization, its staff, and volunteers have the right to withdraw a team or individual from the event for any reason deemed fit by the organization and it’s executive team.

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