Push Up Your Fitness for Foster & Adoptive Kids – Team Leader Registation

Team Leader Registration

Register BEFORE March 15 for a BONUS 500 POINTS

Thank you for joining this event as a Team Leader. Your role in this event is VITAL as you will be the center for creating team camaraderie and excitement. With your help, we will be able to raise awareness about Transfiguring Adoption through social media platforms and raise funds to help fund Transfiguring Adoption’s Media Review Project, which shows foster and adoptive parents how to help children process trauma through the use of current books, movies, and video games.

Do you work in the fitness, health, or nutrition industry?
See below to learn how we hope this event will help you in your endeavors to help people to become healthy.

Team Leader Responsibilities:

March 1 – 20: Pre-Event

  • Fill out the electronic registration form below
  • Pay the $25 registration donation for your team
    (This money will be used toward the overall event goal.)
  • Join the [Facebook Group Page] for the event
  • Follow Transfiguring Adoption on [Facebook] & [Instagram]: @TransfigurAdopt
  • Invite your clients, friends, and family to register under your team name
    (No cost for people to join your team)
  • Share this event on your social media channels and TAG @TransfigurAdopt
    #PushupFosterKids #PushupAdoption

March 20 – April 10: Event

  • Build camaraderie amongst your team:
  • Rally your team to earn points, raise Awareness, raise Funds
    • 50 points – Friend Registration Referrals
      Tell your friends to join your team.
      They MUST include your name when registering and choose your team.
    • 200 points – Daily Push Up Post
      Post a video or a selfie on Facebook and/or Instagram doing push ups. We’ll even accept a video or selfie right after you have finished doing your push ups. This can be done daily.
      (These could be traditional push ups, push ups on your knees, standing vertical and pushing off a wall, etc.)
      [click here for an extensive list of modified push ups to meet your difficulty level]
      Use the tag: @TransfigurAdopt
      Use hashtags: #PushupFosterKids #PushupAdoption
      [Click here to see a sample video and image]
    • 1,000 points – Donations
      Donate funds using the donation buttons on this page.
      Consider asking family and friends to make a donation for your team
      (Every $10 increment gets your team 1,000 points)

April 12: Post Event

  • Announcement of the winning team on Facebook
  • Zoom ceremony to award the team leader with a trophy inscribed with the team name
    (This is an annual event. Your team will have to defend their honor next year to keep their name on the trophy.)
  • Keep in contact with your team and continue challenging each other to be healthy

Fitness Coaches & Health Specialists:

We understand that the cornerstone of your business is having healthy relationship with your clients. During the course of this event it is our hope that your team members will invite friends and family to join your team. As participants register, we will be sure to get you the names and emails of your team members so that you can begin to build camaraderie amongst your team. We sincerely hope that you will be able to keep these relationships going after the event and continue to help people meet their fitness/health goals.

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**Transfiguring Adoption is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Individuals and participating in this event are doing so of their own will. Transfiguring Adoption, its staff and volunteers advise participants to check with their doctor before taking part in this event. Those participating in this event take ownership of their own physical, mental and emotional health and agree that Transfiguring Adoption, its staff, and volunteers are not to be held for any physical or emotional damages/injuries that could occur. This event is open to anyone in the public who agree to follow the event rules and regulations. Transfiguring Adoption does not discriminate based on gender, religion, culture, sexual orientation, and so on. Transfiguring Adoption will not allow hate speech or bullying to occur during this event and the organization, its staff, and volunteers have the right to withdraw a team or individual from the event for any reason deemed fit by the organization and it’s executive team.

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