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Lego Harry Potter Collection – Discussion Guide

Discussion Guide:

  1. Do you enjoy playing in story-mode or free-play better? Why?
    Caregiver Note: The game has two major options for play. The first is ‘story-mode’ where you follow the story of Harry’s time at Hogwarts- going to classes, learning spells, and escaping from the various scrapes he and his friends get into. In this mode you’re assigned which characters to play based on what’s happening in the level. Once you’ve beaten a level for the first time, you have the option to replay it in ‘free-play’ mode. Here, you can choose your own character from all the options you have unlocked. In addition there’s more flexibility to explore Hogwarts, discover new places and complete various side quests. This is primarily a fun question to get the conversation going, but a child’s preferences might give some insight into their personalities. Some might like the structure of story-mode and their goal might be that they want to beat the game as quickly as possible and not waste time replaying levels. Other kids might like the flexibility and creativity available in free play to explore Hogwarts and the other Wizarding World locations and to collect additional special features that might help them in the game. Ultimately, if you want to beat the game to 100% completion, you have to use both modes- story and free play. This can be a time to talk about the merits of different approaches and how sometimes more structure is needed and sometimes you need…

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