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I Promise – Discussion Guide

Discussion Guide:

  1. How do the children and foster parents feel at the beginning of the book?
    Caregiver Note: All four are feeling nervous. Children will likely understand that the kids are nervous but may not realize the caregivers are likely very nervous as well. Children in survival mode often lack empathy and the ability to see situations from another point of view. This is an underdeveloped skill as they often have had to look out for themselves out of…

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About the Author: Margie Fink

Margie Fink: Development Director
Margie received her degree in psychology and has worked in various social work capacities. Margie has been chosen in the past to speak on Capitol Hill about the Adoption Tax Credit. She is a witty foster/adoptive mom who is able to give kids from hard places loving structure while providing unbelievable homemade cooking. Margie co-founded Community Kids, a resource and networking 501(c)3 created to assist foster, adoptive, and relative caregiver families.
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