How An Adopted Girl Soothes Bad Thoughts


Turning My Frown Upside-Down

Hi. Jasmine again. I want to tell you about how I control my thoughts [and my mood].

  1. The first thing I do is I find a piece of paper, some pencils, and a nice place to sit. I draw a picture. You can tell if I was angry, happy, sad, or frustrated by looking at the drawing and the texture. I will make things out of anything I can find. I made a doll out of a rock, some sticks, some dry grass, and tape. [My mood gets] better when I do this.
  2. The second thing is I write down what I think. This can be bad sometimes. Like if you didn’t want anyone to know how you felt about them or something. Someone could find the paper and look at it. Make sure you put it somewhere where no one will find it, or get rid of it. Maybe put it in a diary that is private.
  3. The last thing I do is make “files” in my head. One [file] for good memories and one for bad memories. The bad memories I mostly forget, but the good memories I try to remember.
  4. Oh, you can also scream into your pillow 😉

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