Wise Thoughts From A Clever Foster – Adoptive Mom


Exercise Can Trigger Past Trauma in Foster & Adoptive Kids. What?!

Parents of traumatized children often find themselves in the role of detective, investigating the why’s of a sudden outburst of negative behavior. What led their child to be functioning well one...


Easy-To-Make Wooden Airplanes and Catapults

We all have times at home with our kids where we wish we had quick and easy ideas to keep everyone occupied and an activity that would allow the family to do something together without turning on the ...


Choose Video Games for Success and Not Fear: Foster & Adoptive Family Tips

Fear. While it has the potential to keep us safe, it also has the potential for us, parents, to be make decisions which are not beneficial or which can at least stunt positive improvement for us, our ...


Gift Foster and Adoptive Kids Shared Family Experiences For Christmas

I remember the first Christmas as a foster dad. My wife and I of course went overboard with getting too many presents for the kids in our home. Not to mention that CASA workers, agency workers, and An...


Our DIY Farmhouse Table

  Before moving from Tennessee to Florida last year (a whole year since we closed on May 4th…so hard to believe!), we sold our dining room set. It had seen 17 years of use and 3 moves but w...


3 Types of Media Every Foster and Adoptive Home Must Have

  We are increasingly surrounded by all types of media in our world. Finding media that is beneficial (or simply not harmful) can be challenging. Our major goal is to make locating media that can...


Autism on the Seas: Vacationing with a Family Member with Special Needs

It was our first family vacation as foster parents…our first vacation as parents at all for that matter! We arrived at our destination after about a six hour drive, the vacation hadn’t eve...


Should My Child Have Been Adopted?: Questions We Should Be Asking

A couple weeks ago, the movie Instant Family was released on iTunes, and Darren and I watched it for the first time. The story is based on the experiences of the producer and his wife and other famili...


What Foster and Adoptive Parenting Does to Your Body

  For six months out of 2017, Darren and I, Margie, had a total of six kids we were parenting who, between them, had multiple needs which required us to be in a stage of constant high alert. We w...

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