My Wesley Woods Trip


My Fifth Grade Camping Trip

I want to tell you about my camping trip to Wesley Woods. Even though it was only for two days, it was awesome! Almost every 5th grader in my school went on this overnight trip.

I slept in a cabin with nine other girls and my mom, who was chaperoning. The cabin itself was nice and very spacious. There were six bunk beds. I was on a bottom bunk.

Camp Activities

It rained most of the first day, but stopped after lunch.  Anyway, we had six or seven activities to do. Everyone was split into groups of ten or eleven.

  1. My group’s first activity was candle making. We didn’t need molds. We did it the old fation way. We took 100%cotton string and tied a knot at the end so the candle wouldn’t slide off of it. Then we dipped the string into the melted wax and held it in there for ten seconds the first dip only. Next we put it into cold water for exactly one second and pulled it out. When we did the rest of the dips, we only put the wax-covered string in the wax really quick. When we put it in the water, we were able to shape it quickly. We continued this until the candle was as big as we wanted it.
  2. The next thing we did was learn about animals. I was answering all the questions that our guide was asking us. We also got to pet a snake. Now if you are scared of snakes, you need to read this. DON’T SKIP THIS!
    • The poisonous snakes have triangular heads.
    • The non poisonous ones have oval heads.
    • The only exceptions are the coral snake and the sea snake, but they are by  and in the ocean.
    • Snakes are not slimy, but soft.
      hufflepuff-animals-wesley-woods-elementary-school waterfall-hufflepuff-student-wesley-woods-tennessee
  3. Then, we went on a hike. We found salamanders and frogs. I caught them all. We went on another hike to a waterfall. I went behind it and found a big salamander. We also made face paint out of water and rocks. This makes your skin soft when you let it dry.
  4. The last thing we did was archery. I got close to making a bullseye. My mom and I were really good at this part of the trip.

As I said, it was an awesome trip! I had so much fun.

Bye for now.


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