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The Happiest Place on Earth


February and early March proved to be slightly stressful for me in my classroom as I dealt with giving a major test to my students. What kept me going was a picture frame that sat on my desk. In it was a cut out of a Mickey Mouse head and the phrase “days until Disney”. Every day I would change the number on the class that counted down to Spring Break and my trip to “the happiest place on Earth”.

Last week, I had the opportunity to go to Disney World with a dear friend and her two children. The trip was a blast and I had so much fun riding the rides, seeing the shows and making memories with three of my favorite people in the world. But I also came back with a little bit of a changed perspective.

Susan-teacher-adoption-disney-world-florida  disney-goofy-vacation-susan-teacher-orlando-adoption

Over the last few weeks I have approached the subject of adoption from a very logical and analytical perspective in my blogs. My trip to Disney with my friend and her precious kids brought me back to a piece of the reality of adoption. You see, both of my friend’s children are adopted. From the outside, it is very clear that they are not biologically related, but by the end of the trip, I had completely forgotten this fact. I was reminded just how much adopted families truly are FAMILY.

“I was reminded just how much adopted families truly are FAMILY.”

I watched a mom light up at the joy of her children, console them when they were upset, have the necessary “come to Jesus meetings” about their behaviors and celebrate their growth and independence. I saw children who argued over who got to sit by mom, fight for her attention, and shower her with love and kisses. I saw a family that was bonded together by something stronger than blood. I can’t explain to you exactly what that was, but it is the beauty of adoption that keeps us all in awe.


“…but it is the beauty of adoption that keeps us all in awe.”

When I think about my friend, her husband and their kids, I see a family that love one another, want the best for one another and will stand beside one another. I see a family I am so thankful I get to be a part of. I see a family that is encouraging me to better understand adoption, but never lose touch with the personal reality part of it.


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