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Note to Parents: Many kids who have gone through the foster care
system or who were adopted have had to give up some of their childhoodto survive. Thus, precious time to pretend and enjoy the magic of
make-believe were lost. Transfiguring Adoption's Magical Creature
series is designed for you to read with your child(ren) and help
them regain some of those moments. Read more in our Forward and 

Parent’s Quick Look

  • Creature has an activity to help kids learn to calm themselves
  • Creature has an activity to help kids get used to the texture of water
    (useful for children that haven’t been bathed a lot in the past)
  • Creature helps with a fear of water

The Drleck is the human name given to these fantastic creatures that are completely made up of animated water. The actual name of the creatures is too hard to say in their own language. Thus, we use this name that was first given to them by a small 3 year old boy in foster care named Jeremy Watts.

The Drleck are creatures that love peace and quiet. They are also very sensitive to the emotions and feelings of the people and beasts that are close by them. When someone is nervous, scared, or angry, a Drleck will become very worried and nervous. The poor things eventually get so worked up that they go from being worried to very scared someone is going to hurt them.

Little Jeremy Watt found out about this when he took his first bath. At 3 years old Jeremy had never had a bath at his birth family’s home. His new foster parents wanted him to be clean and healthy so they drew a bath full of warm water. Since Jeremy had never had water on his skin, it felt very weird and scary to him. Jeremy was scared of having the water all around him. Jeremy touched the water with one finger and exclaimed, “Drleck!”

Jeremy’s foster father carried him to the bathtub and began to lower him into the water. Jeremy quickly jumped free from his foster father’s arms and accidentally fell into the tub. Jeremy kicked and screamed. He was so scared and kicked so hard that two surprised Drleck materialized and were thrown from the tub.

What do the Drleck look like?

  1.  Drleck are only three inches in height.
  2. Most of the time Drleck look like water.
  3. When Drleck come into their animated or human-like form, they look kind of like a person made out of bubbles.
  4. Drleck are neither boys or girls.


Magical Properties

  • Drleck are easily scared and upset by those around them. They always are trying to make things peaceful and calm because that’s when they are the happiest. When a child or animal gets upset, the Drleck will sometimes give off a pretty smell to try and calm everyone around them. Many times they will give off a lavendar scent. However, they have been known to given off the scent of cotton candy or birthday cake for young children.
  • Drleck are made of water. They are able to blend in with the water around them without form or they can make themselves look like a human type creature.

What Else Do You Need To Know?

  • Could you drink a Drleck? Could one accidentally be put in a cooking pot?
    Thank goodness, no. Drleck are very quick. In fact have you ever seen someone drinking and some water dribbles out of the glass and down their chin or cheek? This is a Drleck escaping.
  • Can a Drleck be hurt?
    Drlecks can’t be hurt physically. However, their feelings can get hurt very easily. A Drleck is made of water. If it falls to the ground from up high, it will become a puddle with many droplets just like water. This is actually fun for a Drleck. It might lay scattered on the ground for a long time before coming back together again. In a human home Drlecks really like spinning around in a washing machine and sliding down water drains.
  • How do you know a Drleck is there?
    It’s so hard to see a Drleck because they are either in their water form or hiding. They are just so timid and nervous that they don’t want people or animals to know they are around them. When you are in the bathtub or swimming, listen to the noises around you underwater. If you hear a small humming or singing noise, it could be some Drleck talking with each other.

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For Parents Eyes Only:

A Drleck Calming Bathtime Game

  • Warm Bath
  •  Lavender Scented Oil

Objective: Teaching your child how to calm themselves. You will intentionally be getting your child hyper and then expecting and helping them to be calm for a period of time. As they get better with this game, see if you can increase the time they stay calm.

  1. Make a warm bath for your child and add enough of the lavender oil in the tub to faintly smell it. Children with sensory issues may be sensitive to scents – a little may go a long way.
  2. Ensure that your child knows about the Drleck. Explain to them that there are Drleck in the bath water – you know because the water smells like lavender.
  3. Next explain to your child that it’s important that they be calm for the creatures.
  4. Have them jump up and down 15 times outside of the bathtub to get some of the wiggles out – you’re purposefully trying to get your child hyper.
  5. Let your child know that you’re getting ready to enter the water with the Drleck. Have them take a deep breath a few times to help calm themselves.
  6. Once they are in the bathtub have them lay or sit still in the water for 20 seconds. If you know your child can’t do that make the time limit lower – 10 seconds, 5 seconds, etc.
  7. You and your child are going to take deep breaths during this time to smell the scent the Drleck have provided.
  8. Tell your child what a good job they did and how you noticed they were calm.
  9. Next sing a song together. Be loud and silly. Again getting your child hyper again.
  10. Once again let them know that they need to get calm for the Drleck. They should sit or lay still for 20 seconds.
  11. Repeat this process for five more cycles. Try to extend the time they are calm in the water each time.

We are assuming that as a caregiver you know the appropriate way in which your child should do this activity with you to ensure that they are properly safe and cared for – i.e. Is the child old enough that they need to wear a bathing suit with you present? Is it appropriate for the opposite sex parent to be present?

What Do Drlecks Feel Like Activity

  • Container of water that can be set on a table. Preferably one where your child can put their arm into up to their elbow.
  • Liquid bath soap

Objective: Some children that come into foster care have not been bathed in a frequent manner or have not had their skin exposed to watery textures often. This can make bathing uncomfortable and scary for them. The goal of this activity is not to necessarily get ready for a bath but to get them to be more comfortable around water.

What Do You Hear?

Objective: This activity is simply to help you playfully bond with your child and make memories.

  1. Using your proper adult judgement you will help your child lay down in a shallow tub of water – filled enough that water covers their ears. You may also do this at a pool if your child can hold their breath underwater on their own.
  2. While laying in the tub, ask your child to close their eyes and listen.
  3. Your child should describe to you what they hear under the water. This can be similar to pretending to see pictures in cloud formations only with sound.
  4. Remember if they hear singing or humming noises, it mean a Drleck is in the tub. Your child should practice staying calm as to not upset the creature(s).

What Are Your Suggestions?

Do you have a new game for our Drleck? What clever games have you created for your children?

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Written by
Co-founder and President of Transfiguring Adoption. Darren is a graduate of Illinois State University where he studied fine art. He offers foster and adoptive parents over a decade of experience in parenting foster and adoptive children, as well as his introductory to counseling training. Darren is the author of the "A Guide to Magical Creatures Around Your Home," book series. [email protected] LinkedIn: Book series:

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