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3 Types of Media Every Foster and Adoptive Home Must Have

  We are increasingly surrounded by all types of media in our world. Finding media that is beneficial (or simply not harmful) can be challenging. Our major goal is to make locating media that can...

Does This Feel Like Foster Care? – 3 Feelings to Recognize in Children

Simple Item to Forget – Significant Lesson to Learn It started with a computer cord, or should I say a lack thereof. It was one of those “ah-ha” moments. Our family was in a crazy time of flux f...


Foster Care and Adoption: Do You Hear Me?

  Have you ever had a child who is constantly seeking attention? Who persistently makes noise or talks or does things that they know annoy you? Anything to have your attention every waking moment...


Parenting: The Power of a Do Over

From Amazon – Parenting: The Power of a Do-Over: Strategies for Parents to Strengthen Family Connections, Build Confidence and Character, and Eliminate Regrets by Shasta Grimes: “Do you ev...

4 Absolutely Great

Surviving Holidays as a Foster or Adoptive Family: Part 5-Managing Emotions

This is Part 5 and the final installment of this series on surviving holidays as a foster or adoptive family.  This is where we bring it all together with FIVE tips. 5 Tips for Managing Emotions Durin...


Surviving Holidays as a Foster or Adoptive Family: Part 4-Traditions

Developing New Traditions and Honoring the Old Traditions are ways that our family connects, bonds, and makes memories together, and it helps to make the day feel special. Our family has certain tradi...

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