Chris Rankin

Actor & Adult Adoptee, Chris Rankin, Talks About Adoption

Guest Blog by Chris Rankin I MENTIONED IN AN #ASKCHRIS SESSION ON TWITTER THAT I’M ADOPTED. WELL, I AM! Being adopted isn’t something I talk about very much. Not because I’m ashamed of it, nor because...


The Chris Rankin Award For Best Adoptive Parent

The Adoptive Parent Award While many in the general public tend to focus on the creation of a family when an adoption occurs, there is also loss/grief that is entangled in the process. Transfiguring A...

Chris Rankin And The Elf Squad

50% of foster/adoptive parents quit the first year. The Transfiguring Adoption​ Elf Squad is a group of people that want to help foster/adoptive families succeed. Buying an Elf Squad membership kit no...

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