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Sunburst Dwarves



Note to Parents: Many kids that have gone through the foster
care system or adopted have had to give up some of their
childhood to survive. Thus, precious time to pretend and enjoy
the magic of make-believe were lost. Transfiguring Adoption's
Magical Creature series is designed for you to read with your 
child(ren) and help them regain some of those moments.

Creature Overview for Parents:

  • Creature helps with child’s fear of thunderstorms
  • Provides bonding activity for parent & child to learn about the stars


When you see dwarves on movies or hear about them in stories, what are they usually doing? They’re usually mining for jewels, right?

The Sunburst Dwarves are descendants of Solar the Great and his wife, Beamitrice. The two dwarves were asked to leave their jobs in the mines and given the special knowledge of making Beam Rockets by an ancient and powerful creature whose existence has been long forgotten. Solar and his wife taught their children for centuries how to create Beam Rockets.

Beam Rockets are a magical rocket that contain actual sunlight. The rockets are used to awaken Fleet birds that are falling out of the sky due to weariness given to their long flights. If you have already read about the Fleet then you will know that they unconsciously create and scatter sun dust all over the Earth. Without Sun Dust all magic in this world would vanish and all magical creatures with it. The loud bang of a Beam Rocket sounds like thunder and assists awakening the birds. The sunlight within the rocket feeds the birds when the rocket explodes and appears like lightning in the sky. [Read More about the Feet Birds here]

The Sunburst Dwarves continue to search the skies for falling and weary Fleet birds to this very day. They are highly respected among all the intelligent magical creatures due to the importance of their job.

Physical Appearance:

  • Sunburst Dwarves are human in appearance. They actually appear similar to garden gnome statues.
  • The men are commonly 4 feet tall while the women are about 3 1/2 feet in height.
  • Male Sun Dwarves tend to wear mining clothes like their mining brothers. Their clothing consists of a stocking cap, mining shirt, overall and a pair of thick soled boots. The coloring of the clothing tends to match the earthy colors of their surrounding.
  • Female Sun Dwarves commonly wear their hair tied back with work clothing – work shirt, work pants, and thick soled shoes. The clothing once again matches the earthy tones of their surroundings.

Magical Properties:

sunburst-dwarves-magical-creatures-fantastic-beasts-tranfiguring-adoption-male-dwarfThe Sun Dwarves have two extraordinary abilities:

  1. They are the only dwarves that have the knowledge and wisdom to create Beam Rockets. Beam Rockets appear to be an ordinary and large firecracker rocket. However, Beam Rockets do have a glass compartment in the middle that is filled with actual sunlight. Once the rocket’s fuse is lit, they can travel a good distance into the sky. The rocket explosion causes many things to happen…
    • A monstrous bang is given off to awaken Fleet birds. The noise sounds like thunder to humans.
    • Once the glass compartment is broken, the sunlight inside flashes around in the sky. Fleet birds can quickly eat some of the rays. The light appears to be lightning in the sky to humans.
    • After a Beam Rocket has exploded, it creates many many dark explosion clouds. As humans believe they are hearing thunder and seeing lightning, they also think the clouds are rain clouds.
  2. Sun Dwarves are the only dwarves that have the ability to shrink down from their original height. They were granted this ability from the same ancient creature that gave them their special jobs of protecting the Fleet Birds.

Things You Should Know:

  • Sun Dwarves are friendly to humans BUT they are also very serious about their job. Therefore, they will avoid talking with people or creatures so they can keep an eye on the skies.
  • Sun Dwarves like to have many pockets in their clothing so they can hold tools to help them with their job. One never knows when an extra match, a knife, some rope and more will come in handy while trying to rescue a Fleet bird.
  • The reason the Sun Dwarves were granted the ability to shrink is in order to hide from other people or get in cracks or niches that they need access. It should be noted that while the dwarves can return themselves to their original height, they cannot grow past that height. The dwarves cannot shrink anything that has not been made by dwarves.
  • Just because these dwarves have a job that is above the ground does not mean they enjoy heigh places. Their homes are commonly beautifully decorated dens that are under the ground. The entrances are usually hidden and small.
  • Sun Dwarves are very familiar with all the constellations in the sky. This is due to the fact that most weary Fleet can be seen in the nighttime hours. The dwarves also can easily spot a flock of Fleet in danger when they see them forming a streak of light like a comet across the night sky as they quickly try to fly away from the night to daylight.

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 For Parents’s Eyes Only


Discover the Constellations

  • Download a stargazing app for your smartphone such as,
  • If your child can feel safe with you outside at night, find a comfortable area.
    If your child cannot feel safe outside at night, some of the apps allow you to view constellations merely by pointing your phone in a certain direction.
  • Make sure to bring water and snacks (protein is best) while doing this activity to help keep blood sugar leveled out so that kiddos aren’t so antsy.

Sun Dwarves are constantly watching the skies to make sure that Fleet Birds are not in danger of falling out of the sky. For fun we have told our kids that we are going to pretend to watch for Fleet and help the Sun Dwarves around our home. The most important part is to keep looking for a shooting star as this is sometimes a flock of weary Fleet flying so fast toward daylight that they cause a streaking glow across the sky. While you’re looking for this in the sky, it can be quite fun to learn the constellations and find any planets that are visible.

We have found that kids enjoy learning the different pictures in the sky. It also gives them something to watch for in the sky when traveling in the car at night.


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The Fleet Birds of the Shining Star


Note to Parents: Many kids that have gone through the foster
care system or adopted have had to give up some of their
childhood to survive. Thus, precious time to pretend and enjoy
the magic of make-believe were lost. Transfiguring Adoption's
Magical Creature series is designed for you to read with your 
child(ren) and help them regain some of those moments.

Parent’s Quick Look:

  • Provides fun activity for kids to help them with their fear of the dark
  • Creature gives a fun explanation of shooting stars


The Fleet Birds of the Shining Star, also called Fleet for short, do not have much contact with humans. However, they are very important to all magical creatures around your home. Without the Fleet all fantastic beings would cease to be in existence.

The Fleet are birds that fly across the skies with little rest. Fleet birds feed on sunlight so they usually travel along with daylight. While these majestic birds nibble on sun rays streaming to the ground, the sunlight that sparkles off the body of the animal falls to the earth as magical sun dust. This magical element is the main component in keeping magic in existence in the world. It goes to reason then that if all the Fleet were to suddenly become ill and die – all magic creatures would literally disappear into nonexistence.

fleet-birds-shining-star-magical-creatures-alternativePhysical Appearance:

  • From beak to tail these birds are commonly four feet in length and have a wing span that could reach anywhere from 6 to 10 feet in length.
  • The Fleet have a jagged but aerodynamic appearance. However, if one were to stroke the feathers on the body of the bird, they would find that the feathers are quite soft and warm.
  • The Fleet birds commonly live for about 10 years.
  • The body of a Fleet bird is very bright or luminous. I would describe the brightness of their glow that of looking into a lamp without a shade on it.
  • Fleet birds normally fly together in a flock. A flock is made up of anywhere from 75 to 150 birds. The flock stays together for life and no one is quite sure how the birds are able to tell each other a part enough to know if a strange Fleet is within their flock. The flock is obviously a family and the flock will protect and do what they can for their own.
  • There is no way to tell the difference between male and female Fleet. The birds mate with one another for life and the females lay their eggs in the same area as the other females in their flock. The eggs are no bigger than the palm of an adult human hand and they resemble stones with various earthy red tones. A flock of Fleet will pause in their continual flight for a day to lay eggs before following the daylight once again.
  • Fleet babies, Fleetlings, are ironically incubated by three full cycles of the moon. However, it’s the daylight after this third cycle that signals the Fleetling to break free of its shell prison. Fleetlings are born with transluscent feathers and white eyes. After hatching, all Fleetlings instinctively begin to feed on the daylight. The group is born together and forms a new flock of birds that will stick together for life. Fleetlings are ready to care for themselves instantly after hatching and are also ready for flight. However, Fleetlings usually feed on daylight for 24 hours before beginning their first flight. This allows their bodies to begin a dim glow and allows eggs late to hatching to break open. Fleetlings will attain their full luminosity after a week and maturation after 1 year.

Magical Properties:

As mentioned above the Fleet Birds of the Shining Star unconsciously create magical sun dust which is the main component to keep magic in existence in the world. Again, without this dust all magical creatures would eventually disappear from the earth. As rays of sunlight sparkle off of a Fleet bird, it falls to the Earth as magic sun dust.

Things You Should Know:

  • Since Fleet feed on sun beams, their flocks are constantly in flight to keep up with daylight.
  • Fleet may on occasion pause from their flight. Fleet may stay one night away from daylight. However, after 24 hours aways from daylight, a Fleet bird will become too weak to survive.
  • Many Fleet bird casualties happen when a bird becomes to weary to continue flying. The birds fall asleep in the air and fall to the ground. Even if the bird survives the fall, fallen Fleet usually sleep for several days which puts them out of daylight too long. Sunburst Dwarves are employed to keep this tragedy from happening – this also causes thunder and lighting. [Read more about the Dwarves here]
  • Have you ever seen a shooting star in the sky? Sometimes it’s a shooting star and sometimes it’s a flock of Fleet that are traveling so fast at night that they leave a streak of light in the sky.

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 For Parents’s Eyes Only


Fleet Light Jar

  • Get a clear plastic jar such as a peanut butter container
  • Fill the container with 3 parts baby oil to 1 part water
  • Put glow in the dark stars or other small glow in the dark trinkets inside container
  • Add some sort of glitter or sparkling dust
  • Super glue lid to the clear jar

This is a great activity to do with foster or adoptive kids so that they have a night light to put next to their bed. We pretend that the glitter is magic sun dust that comes from the Fleet birds. You can also pretend that the glowing stars are specially made to absorb sunlight just like the feathers on the body of the Fleet. The great part about the finished jar is that your child can control this item as opposed to maybe turning on all the lights in the middle of the night and awakening other people. I have also found that our kids tended to like having the responsibility of putting their jar in a sunny window to collect sunlight for the next bedtime.