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Silver Dollar City Amusement Park – Family Trip Review – Branson, Missouri


This video was part of our 10 Day mini YouTube series on Travel Tips & Hacks For Your Family.

Our Adoptive family begins the trip with a trip to Billy Gail’s Restaurant to taste their locally famous breakfast cuisine – the pancakes are so big they don’t fit on the plates.

Next, they head off to Silver Dollar City which is also in Branson, Missouri. The theme park hosts a multitude of various rides, quality shows, restaurants/food, and pioneer era craftsmen. The whole park is themed to be an early 1800 settlement that fully immerses the audience into the time period with a bit of fun and comedy. Did we mention that Marvel Cave is even on property? Guests can take a tour of the beautiful cave and it is all included with your park admission pass.

Transfiguring Adoption believes this venue to be an excellent place for any family to have fun and bond. Silver Dollar City holds everything up to a high quality of standard and the whole park is VERY family friendly (to the point where we witnessed a staff person politely ask a guest to refrain from their excessive swearing). Speaking of friendly – whether you are speaking with an actor, a hostess or the janitor, you will not find many place in the USA that offer such friendly and helpful personalities.


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