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Not all kids find it easy relate their thoughts through written words. For some foster kids it can be a very hard thing especially when you have been moved around from school to school, not being able to stay in one place long enough for teachers and professionals to figure out the resources you need to help you catch up academically.

The Wizarding Gallery is devoted to the talented foster and adopted kids that can teach us something through visual artwork.

twirling-wands-magic-crayon-colored-pencil-on-paper-matthew-fink-2015  owl-blue-eyes-potter-inspired-colored-pencil-paper-matthew-fink-2015  wizarding-gallery-fishing-happy-foster-kids

Send Us Your Artwork:

If you’re a foster or adopted kid, you can submit your artwork via E-mail to have it added to our gallery. Please know that we love creativity but keep it family friendly. Send to:


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