Discussion Packet

New Pokemon Snap (2021) – Discussion Guide

Discussion Guide:

  1. Who is your favorite L.E.N.S. kid team member? Why do you like them?
    Caregiver Note: This is a good introductory question to help ease your child into conversation. Children often struggle with being put on the spot with big questions so it’s good to start the conversation off naturally by giving them a chance to connect with a character they like.

  2. Which mentor is that character closest to? Why do you think those characters get along so well?
    Caregiver Note: For a child that has picked the main character or Rita they will likely say Professor Mirror and if Phil they will point to Todd Snap. Help your child process how these adults treat and speak to their mentees. Some may include that they are kind, patient, respectful, open to listening to the kids, positive, and don’t talk down to the kids. This will help your child break down positive points about safe adults to help differentiate from…

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