First Foster Placement Survival Kit


Foster Parents Need Your Help:

Why do many people become foster parents? Their hearts bleed for children that need a safe home. They are required to take classes and have home studies conducted in order to get their licensing. However, in life some classroom situations cannot prepare you for real life situations such as:

  • Foster children are 5x more likely than the general public to develop PTSD
  • 80-90% of foster children have experienced some sort of sexual abuse
  • A high number of foster kids have experienced neglect and/or food issues
  • ALL children in the foster system have experienced trauma

Foster parents are NOT prepared to handle specialized behaviors brought on by trauma, sexual abuse, PTSD, malnutrition and so on.

Be a Part of the Simple Solution

Transfiguring Adoption has put together a First Placement Survival Kit designed to help a new foster parent successfully maneuver through the first evening with their first placement. We need concerned people like YOU to help donate the funds that supply kits to families.

What’s Included In A Kit: survival-kit-items-sample

  1. Welcome Pamphlet
  2. Jet’s Pizza Gift Card
    (or other food gift card)
  3. Night Light or Mini-Flashlight
  4. The Connected Child Book for Parents
  5. Children’s book about foster care – Maybe Days
  6. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Book
  7. Foster – Adoptive Discussion Tool for Harry Potter (First 2 Chapters)
  8. Wooden Fidget Puzzle
  9. Robbie the Rabbit Foster Care Brochure

(Learn more about items in our kit)

Total Price: $80 per Kit

  • $8 purchases one item for the kit
  • You and three friends can purchase a kit for $20 per person

Businesses can receive sponsorship advertisement for varying levels of donations. Email us for more details.

[See our current amazing sponsors here.]

Thank You To Our Valuable Sponsors:papa-johns-knoxville-logo  lions-club-north-knoxville-logo  barnes-and-noble-logo
*Transfiguring Adoption is 501(c)3 nonprofit. All donations are tax deductible.*



  1. Can we get this kit if we have a current placement? I do have the connected child book already but would love the harry potter guide.

  2. Okay, this is awesome. I am from Warren, Ohio and just stumbled upon this site researching foster parent survival guides. I am a social worker who licenses prospective foster families. How can I get something like this going in my area. Thanks.


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