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Kariboo – Book Review


From the Cover of Kariboo by Jessica Lockhart:

Kariboo’s biggest dream is to have her own family but her worries maker her lose hope.



Transfiguring Adoption gave this book 4 out of 5 Hoots based on it’s usefulness to foster and adoptive families. [Learn more about our Hoot grading system here.]

What Our Family Thought:

Kariboo is a story about a girl named Kariboo, who wants more than anything to have a forever family. The book itself is a wonderful idea to help families that are adopting through international venues. Kariboo does get to meet her forever family, but they leave after meeting Kariboo. International adopters can relate to this phenomenon as they may have to leave their child while paperwork is sorted out. The heart of the story is deals with Kariboo’s thoughts and feelings about having to wait for her forever family to return to her.

The other fantastic aspect of this book is that it is written in the native language for the child and the back of the book has the story in the native language for the parents. This obviously offers a great experience for future adoptive parents to share with their child while the adoption is being finalized.

Our family enjoyed the the colorful illustrations and appreciated the storyline that brought Kariboo to life. This book is definitely a must for families that are adopting internationally.

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Discussion Questions for Your Family:

  1. What was it like living in an orphanage? before you met your parents?
  2. Have you ever been scared that your parents will leave and not come back?
  3. Do you have a toy that is special to you? Why is it special?
  4. How is the country you live in different from the one you were born?


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