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What Our Family Thought:

We feel based on the way the content is set up and presented that pre-school to early elementary school aged children are going to do the best with this book. This book appears to be written for an adoptive family audience although foster families will find the book some what useful as well.

When we set the illustrations next to other books such as The Adventures of Beekle or The Boy Who Built a Wall Around Himself, we felt that the pictures in this book were simply adequate.

The written content was created by an adoptive mother and her adopted adult daughter. The book did a great job of holding the attention of our elementary aged son. It also brought up many excellent feelings or issues that children who have experienced adoption are going to think about at some point. We would dare to say that it would be worth going through a letter a day with a middle school aged child to merely give a topic of discussion to work through with your kiddo.

Overall, this book did great for engaging children and presenting adoption related concepts. The book could not be issued all five hoots merely due to the fact that the illustrations didn’t measure up next to other books in our perfect score category. However, the written content and concepts presented in this work make it a book that your adoptive family needs to investigate and use as a tool for bringing about healthy conversation.

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It’s Your Turn:

  1. This book uses the alphabet to make a story about adoption. Can you make a fun name that describes you? Use the first letter of your name to pick a describing word for you.
    (i.e. Silly Sam, Daring Debbie, Calm Cody)
  2. Letter E in the book stands for Excited. Ask your parent(s) to tell you about the day you were adopted. What happened? How did they feel? Did your family celebrate?
  3. Letter Q in the book stands for Questions. What are good ways to tell people you do NOT want to talk about your adoption?
  4. Letter T in the book stands for Truth. Do you FEEL like your parents tell you the truth about your adoption? Why or Why not?
  5. Letter N in the book stands for Naughty or Nice. Do your parent(s) love you when you do not do the right thing? How do you know? Can you do anything to make your parent(s) stop loving you?



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