Using The Arts To Cope With Trauma With Foster/Adoptive Kids – Discussion Panel


Behaviors caused by trauma can be difficult to help someone deal with and walk through. Parenting these behaviors for the first time can be even trickier because it involves looking at and responding to the situation in a different way than the general populous would react.

Our friends from City of Refuge take time to talk about how using the arts can be a powerful tool for helping foster/adoptive parents and their children. The video offers advice, tips, and answers to audience questions.

Panelist Include:

Kyle Ford
Co-founder, City of Refuge

Elizabeth Ford
Co-founder, City of Refuge

Download the Free E-book Mentioned in the Discussion Video

[I Am Broken – E-book]


Kingdom Design Ministries – Dream Rooms For Deserving Kids


I had the great privilege recently of meeting Carla Patton, a volunteer for Kingdom Design Ministries, which operates primarily in Blount County, Tennessee, with a little work being done in Knox and Monroe Counties. This fantastic nonprofit organization creates dream rooms for kids who’ve experienced trauma or illness in order to improve the quality of life of the children and their caregivers.

Kingdom Design Ministries is the dream child of Missy Johnson, the organization’s founder, whose experience as an interior designer serves as a great tool to creating dream spaces. Dream rooms are created with the use of medical equipment, computer technology, sensory integration, and color theory. Consideration is also given to health and safety, wellbeing, independence, functionality, sustainability, environment and recycling, and spirituality during the process of room design.

Dream rooms are provided to families free of charge through donations, fundraising, and partnerships, and recipients are selected partially on financial need and the inability to purchase such spaces on their own. The organization is currently working on a room for a 12 year old with severe cerebral palsy.

If you know a child or family who would be a good recipient of a Kingdom Design Ministries room, you can refer them on the organization’s website. The child must be an adopted or biological child (not currently in foster care). The family must live in and own their own home (no rentals).

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Learn more about KDM, view past dream room projects, refer a child, or get involved by visiting their website:


Hogwarts Adventure Day at Zoo Knoxville – Family Trip Review


A day at the zoo can be a great experience for any family. When our family heard that Zoo Knoxville was offering a Hogwarts Adventure Day, we had to investigate it.

Watch the video of our day and let us know if this looks like something that your family would enjoy.