Fidgets for Fosters: Fidget Drive

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…Because Anxiety Follows Kids BEYOND SCHOOL – At The Physician’s Office, In The Grocery Line, And MORE!!

464 Fidgets Collected – Thank YOU!!

Keep watching out website and social media pages to see how you can continue to help support families in the future. You have made a difference.

About The Drive:

Think beyond school because 100% of children coming into the foster system suffer from trauma which effects every moment of their daily life with high amounts of anxiety. This anxiety is many times turned into excess energy, talking, picking, hitting and so on. All around this situation is hard on both the child and caregiver attempting to have the child wait in a doctor’s office, stand still in grocery store line, focus on talking with a therapist, etc.

The goal to help these families is NOT to get them a tool that is inconspicuous but get them fidgets that will help their child to calm themselves and lessen the stress of caregivers trying to go through the tasks of everyday life.

Unlike schools which are concerned about fidgets being a distraction or turned into a toy, foster/parents are more interested in the calming effects.


How You Can Help?

  1. Buy some of the suggested fidgets in-store or through the links below.
    Note: While we are accepting fidget spinners, please make sure that the spinner contains no lead and is safe for elementary aged school children.
  2. Send them to the Transfiguring Adoption Office or Drop-Off Locations listed below:
    Transfiguring Adoption
    c/o Community Life Concepts
    1015 Cedar Lane
    Knoxville, TN 37912
  3. Donations will be accepted through October 31, 2017

Where Does My Donation Go?

  1. Foster agencies which Transfiguring Adoption partners with throughout the U.S.
    The agencies in turn distribute them to the families they work with.
    (We are also looking for more agencies to partner with – contact us)
  2. Inside our First Foster Placement Survival Kits
    Newly licensed foster parents receive these kits from our partnering foster agencies.

Suggested Fidgets:






Financial Donations – Convenience and Ease:

The Elf Squad Contest:

This event/contest is being run by the Transfiguring Adoption Elf Squad, which is a grass roots group passionate about supporting caregivers and protecting kids. While you don’t have to take part  in the contest to help out, we simply like to add another element of fun to our projects.


Score the most Points for your Hogwarts House to get the Elf Squad Cup
(Ravenclaw House is currently in possession of the cup from the last contest)


Get the Elf Squad Cup for your house AND score a graphic themed for your house to show off on YOUR social media – GO TEAMS
Winner will be announced the first week of November 2017.


  1. Follow the steps above for participating in the Fidgets for Fosters Drive
  2. Along with your donation ADD a note or some sort of identifier for the Hogwarts House you’re representing so we know which House to award points
  3. Score 100 points for every fidget received
  4. Tell your friends to get involved for better chances of winning
  5. Check our the Elf Squad Facebook Group Page for updates on the score

Financial Donations – Convenience and Ease:

    • Every $5 donated will earn your House 100 Points
    • Be sure to add which House to award points in the “note” section



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