Elf Squad General Leadership Application

We’re glad that you’re interested in helping Transfiguring Adoption and The Elf Squad further their goals to support caregivers and nurture growth in foster/adoptive children.

What you need to know:

Transfiguring Adoption is the nonprofit program of a 501(c)3 organization. The Transfiguring Adoption co-founders, leadership, and staff are all volunteers. The below application helps us to assure that people are being placed in the best positions in the program to better assure the happiness and well-being of all volunteers.

POSITION TYPE: Volunteer Position PURPOSE: Maintains a healthy group with the purposes of socialization, educating the public on the issues facing foster and adoptive caregivers, executing solutions for issues put forth by Transfiguring Adoption. PARAMETERS:
  • Successfully complete an online application & interview
  • Answers to the National Elf Squad Manager
  • Must have a current paid membership in the Elf Squad
  • Be a paid member to the Elf Squad [Purchase your Elf Squad Kit here]
  • Meet online with the National Elf Squad Manager once a month via teleconference with other Local Managers
  • Facilitate monthly meetings with local members
  • Oversees drives in their area
  • Set Up Drop Off Locations (Cleared through National Manager)
    • Schedule Donation Pick Ups
    • Documents Donations
    • Assure delivery of donations to partnering agency
  • Execute an information table about Transfiguring Adoption and/or Elf Squad no less than four times a year
  • Maintain a local Elf Squad group of at least five members


Once you have completed the online application, our applicable staff will assess whether to proceed forward with a phone or online video interview. If you have not heard back about your application after two weeks, please feel free to contact our Elf Squad manager:


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