Ready Player One – Discussion Guide

Discussion Guide:

Chapter 0

  1. Have you ever experienced something that everyone will remember where they were when “It” happened?
    Caregiver Note: Our kids’ generation may have more of these moments than any other generation combined. They have had to grow up in the wake of 9/11, the economic crash, multiple school shootings, crazy political events, the Iraq war, several borderline pandemics and one actual pandemic.  That’s just a brief overview of the last 20 years, so make sure you pay close attention to their answers to this question. It might be interesting to share your moment or moments with them too. Whether it’s Oklahoma City, the bombing during the Atlanta Olympics, the 2000, 9/11 or any other major event we all have one or two that stick.
  2. Would you be willing to be a “Gunter”? How long would you try to find the egg?
    Caregiver Note: When Halladay died he created a game within his game to find hidden keys or Easter eggs. These keys would open different doors and new challenges. If a user was able to obtain all three keys they would win Halladay’s fortune and the control of the OASIS. A Gunter is short for an egg hunter and they are the ones trying to find the keys. However, over time many Gunters left the quest because it was too difficult and no one had made any progress in the hunt. Our story follows an 18 year old who was the first one to locate the first key and the event after this happened.

Chapter 1 

  1. Do you relate to Wade?
    Caregiver Note: Wade is a child of young parents who was raised by a single mother after losing his dad. Wade’s mom used the OASIS as a virtual babysitter to keep him occupied while she worked or did whatever else had to be done. Wade also now lives in The Stacks which are simply mobile homes that are stacked on top of each other with multiple families living in the same home. Many of our readers may relate with one or many of the things Wade goes through. They have dealt with abuse and neglect like Wade and may have had to live in an unsafe home with a lot of people. Wade’s past and current situation in this dystopian world is a mess, but this mess is how we can relate to the character and I find that we latch on to stories where we can visualize the events because we’ve lived them. 
  2. Do you agree or disagree with Wade’s take on the current state of humanity and how we got here?
    Caregiver Note: Wade is full of angst and anger over his lot in life. The not so distant future he describes is something that we should all be able to see as a possibility for our current situation. It revolves around parents lying to their children about various aspects of life and how world leaders and industries are using up our natural resources at an alarming rate creating more struggle for those that are trying to live their daily lives. Wade describes the library as his way to “see through the lies”; he was able to research scientific theory and read up on things that disproved what he had been told. Wade has a warped view on religion and life, but his views have been shaped by the conversations that people have had around him. This is one of the main reasons I try to have age appropriate conversations with my kids and not hide behind religion or another scapegoat to explain why things happen. If you pretend to choose to describe the world with only one reference your readers will not be able to adequately shape their minds around society and may grow to not trust you in the process.
  3. Do you have a hideout or a refuge like Wade’s?
    Caregiver Note: Wade found a refuge in a large stack of destroyed and cast-off vehicles near The Stack. He rigged up an antenna to access a reliable internet feed and had a stationary bike that he uses to help charge batteries to run his various electronics. This is where Wade goes to “school” using his school issued haptic gloves and an OASIS portal. This is the place where Wade can escape and be free of what the world is doing to trouble him. Our readers may have one or more of these places. It could be a bedroom, a fort/treehouse, a reading nook or just a spot outside that has low traffic. They may not want to share their favorite spot and that is okay. If they choose to not share, ask them how they feel when they are in that spot and maybe ask them what could be done to make more of the “real world” feel like their refuge.

Chapter 2

  1. Could you do virtual school if it was an Augmented Reality type of system instead of what we do now? If so, what would your avatar look like?
    Caregiver Note: Wade describes school very similar to what school in 2020 looks like. You are at a workstation remotely away from all of your classmates learning virtually. Okay, it is nothing like 2020! Students log into the OASIS and travel to a planet where they go to school in a virtual reality environment. Pose this question to your students if they would prefer this virtual school over the zoom calls and online chats they have now or they had during the pandemic shutdown. My bet would be they’d choose the OASIS version. As a fun add on question ask them to describe their perfect avatar if they were in the OASIS.
  2. What would your favorite part of OASIS school be?
    Caregiver Note: OASIS school does seem to be much more fun than any school I have ever attended. All the classes are taught virtually, but you are still able to interact with friends. A couple of big takeaways I pick up on were the ambiguity avatars have, the ability to silence jerks or bullies, and the no violence policy. To break those down: players design their avatar to look how they want to look, instead of feeling self conscious about your appearance in person you are able to move past that in a virtual environment helping users create more confidence. Being able to silence bullies and them not being able to do anything about it would come in handy in the real world! It is next-level ignoring tactics I would greatly appreciate. Lastly, the no PVP or player vs player combat on the school planet would create a safe environment and force combatants to use their words and brains to settle disagreements instead of the strong always dominating the weak. Your reader may have another perk I didn’t bring up, if not ask them about one of mine and see if they agree.
  3. Who are the Sixers and why are they not liked by the rest of the Gunters?
    Caregiver Note: The Sixers are employees of IOI, a company that markets and sells various products in the OASIS. Their job is to search for and find the keys so IOI can gain control of the OASIS and completely monetize it. Currently the OASIS is free as long as you have the necessary equipment. There are upgrades and items for sale, but the ability to go and walk around is free. IOI wants to change that structure which is why they employ people to track down and find the keys. The Gunters are against monetizing the OASIS and want to keep Halladay’s vision of the OASIS alive.

Chapter 3 

  1. Who is “H” and what is the basement?
    Caregiver Note: “H” is another avatar in the OASIS and happens to be Wade’s best friend. Wade describes “H” as a top notch gamer who is widely known and feared in the Player vs Player arenas. The basement is a chat room that “H” created for people he wants to hang out with. This chat room is a separate space where avatars can listen to music, play games, watch movies, or just talk about life in or out of the OASIS.
  2. What do you and your best friend argue about?
    Caregiver Note: While playing a video game in the basement “H” and Wade start to argue about whether or not Halladay preferred a certain 80s movie or not. Gunters have a very in depth knowledge of 80s pop culture and obscure 80s media because that is what Halladay was interested in and a lot of the OASIS is built around things from that era. Our readers and their friends fight over a lot of things. Could be preferences of movies or video games or maybe they are big DC fans and their friends prefer Marvel. These spats are just good natured ribbing of a friend and help grow their bond. If you reader is unwilling to share just listen to them chat with friends sometime. Normally the fights are pretty funny from the outside and will also share some insight with you too.
  3. What does it take to be a Gunter according to Wade and “H”? Do you have what it takes?
    Caregiver Note: We meet another Gunter named I-Roc who is trying to impress Wade and “H” with his knowledge, but falls flat on his face with the minimalist level of research he has actually done. In order to be a true Gunter you must be willing to put in hours and hours of research on multiple topics that interest Halladay. Wade and “H” believe that this is the only way to be able to find any of the keys in the OASIS. Your reader may or may not have the mental fortitude to research something as much as an above average Gunter, but then again a multi-billion dollar prize and the ability to study movies and video games all day might sway their opinion.

Chapter 4

  1. What world would you spend your time in the most in the OASIS?
    Caregiver Note: Wade describes the OASIS and the vast areas you can visit if you have the credit to afford the transportation fees between planets. There were sectors based in Middle Earth, Discworld, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Firefly just to name a few. Where would your reader like to spend their time and where would you want to hang out? We all have specific fandoms and sometimes those fandoms can overlap our kids or they overlap ours. When sharing your choice and hearing theirs try to think of a land both of you would like to spend time together. Bonding over a geek culture is always a lot of fun. 
  2. When was the last time a lack of something, like money, held you back?
    cWade describes the ways to level up in the OASIS and one of the easiest and most common ways is to go and battle in a PVP arena where you can fight other users for items and money while gaining experience points or XP. Wade however can not afford the fees to transport from the school planet to any of the PVP zones because he doesn’t have any money and can not risk missing school if he gets stuck somewhere. Our readers may have come from a prior home where money was a problem. I think many of us at one point or another can relate to not having everything you need because of a lack of funds. If this is a trigger for your reader, ask them about a lack of athletic ability or a lack of knowledge that held them back and relate that to Wade’s struggles with money.

Chapter 5

  1. Have you ever been obsessed over something? What was it and did you lose interest?
    Caregiver Note: Wade describes his favorite class at school and reveals a great detail about himself. The class is a history of the OASIS and its founder James Halladay and Wade is completely obsessed with the man and his most popular creation. It is so bad that Wade is often reprimanded for correcting teachers when they get facts about Halladay wrong and they refuse to have him answer questions because he knows EVERYTHING. We all have or do obsess over something. Our readers are no different and these obsessions might be surprising to us. It could be something mundane like a book, video game, or their phone or it could be a bit more intricate like a boy/girl, the approval of a parent, or maybe an ideal body image. The key take away you can give your reader is that an obsession is not always bad, but there needs to be checks and balances. We need people in our lives to stop us if we are going too far and we need to respond in a positive way to the feedback.

Chapter 6 

  1. Have you ever been obsessed with something?
    Caregiver Note: Wade breaks down his obsession with Halladay’s almanac and ability to recall every piece of media that is mentioned in the book. He read every book by every author, watched every movie and tv show, and played every single video game from start to finish. This is an exhausting list and only a true media nerd can grasp the sheer volume of the data that was consumed. He even admits that he became a little crazy after a while. As humans we tend to obsess over the weirdest of things, maybe it’s a certain author, genre of music, political figure, or even celebrities. Maybe your reader liked LEGO or Pokémon for a time or they were really into a certain tv show. Try to think back about their past obsessions and maybe share one or two of your own with them.
  2. Have you even found a hidden message or clue in a book or game?
    Caregiver Note: Wade finds a hidden message that breaks down the search for the copper key. This is the first key in the quest and this seems to be the first clue to find it. Many other Gunters found it too, but Wade decides to break it down completely. If you play video games or watch comic book movies you will understand what an Easter egg is and know that it is fun to be the first one to find the egg and show it off to your friends. If your reader is very observant, ask them if they picked up on all the references Wade throws at the readers in this chapter. Bands like Devo and They Might be Giants or TV Show H.R. Puff N Stuff might have slipped by their knowledge base.

Chapter 7

  1. Tell me about a time something clicked for you or you had an “Aha!” moment.
    Caregiver Note: Wade is sitting in class and while zoning in and out he picks up on something that his teacher is saying and it instantly clicks for him that the clue to the copper key is on the planet where his school is located. We often have those light bulb moments when everything just makes perfect sense. For some of us it happens daily, but for others it is not as frequent and feels amazing when the world aligns. Sit back and let your reader paint you a picture of this feeling through their eyes.
  2. When was the last time you felt confident?
    Caregiver Note: Wade found the Tomb of Horrors, where he believes the copper key was hidden. He believes the task is built to resemble a Dungeons and Dragons role play scenario that Hallady specifically omitted from a D&D planet. Wade researched this scenario over and over and believes that he knows it so well that his pitiful weapons and armor will be enough for him to defeat the adversaries and claim the key. This confidence is something that caregivers hope our readers can achieve. When everything seems to be working against Wade he still believes he has what it takes to get his goal. Being a confident teenager is hard because so often you are reminded that you do not have it all figured out. So those moments when you know you do are special. As caregivers we need to build those moments up and help our reader relish the feeling as long as possible.

Chapter 8 

  1. Tell me about a time when you thought a consequence seemed too large for the action.
    Caregiver Note: Wade encounters the king of the tomb earlier than he was anticipating based on the D&D scenario he was following. After declaring his desire to obtain the copper key the king challenges him to the best two out of three in Joust, an 80s arcade game. If Wade wins he gets the key, if he loses his character dies. This does seem to be a bit extreme, but since it is the OASIS Wade would just reappear at his last saved point and have to try again without his few meager items. Our readers may think even minor consequences are unfair or too much based on the reason and that is normal. No one likes negative consequences, but they are a fact of life. A good rule of thumb would be to not do the crime if you’re not willing to do the time. Even some adults need to learn that lesson from time to time. 
  2. Would you have been able to conceal your emotions if you had just won the copper key? Caregiver Note: Wade beat the king at Joust and resisted the urge to dance around the room gloating even though he had just done something that no one had been able to do for five years. This was a huge deal, but not the right time to express the joy he had to have been feeling. As a caregiver I am not sure I would be able to control my joy and elation if I had achieved this feat. I can’t imagine my readers being solemn and respectful. If your reader claims to be able to maintain their composure ask them when they would have celebrated and what they would have done to make the occasion.

Chapter 9 

  1. Who is Artemis?
    Caregiver Note: Artemis is a female Gunter who has a popular blog that Wade follows. She is a main character in the book and will be someone we talk about frequently. Ask your reader to describe her appearance and see if they can figure out what Wade thinks about her.
  2. Have you ever met someone you thought was famous? Who and how did it go?
    Caregiver Note: Wade is trying to leave the tomb so he can continue his quest, but also wants to talk with Artemis more. He is dumbstruck because he is attracted to her, but he also is just excited to be talking to a famous gunter. We all have celebrity crushes or people we look up to in our lives. Sometimes we get to meet these people and often those meetings don’t go how we imagine. Either we clam up and make a fool of ourselves or the person turns out to be not as nice as we once thought.  If your reader has met a famous person, really dig in to how it went and if the encounter met their expectations. If it did not, ask them how it could have gone better.
  3. How would you react to being instantly famous?
    Caregiver Note: When Wade beat the king his avatar’s name appeared on Halladay’s scoreboard for the world to see. The scoreboard up until this point had just included Halladay’s initials and no points. Now Parcival (Wade’s avatar) was at the top of the list with 10,000 points and he is the talk of the OASIS. Many of our readers dream of fame and notoriety. They want to be influencers or celebrities, but how would they actually react if they woke up tomorrow and everyone knew who they were. This is what Wade is dealing with now. Some of us may handle it better than others. Share with your reader how you would react to instant fame and see if it would be similar to their dream scenario.
  4. If you won the egg and had control over the OASIS and the money that came along with it, what would you do?
    Caregiver Note: Artemis is initially upset that Wade not only has the copper key, but beat the king on his first try. She had been trying for five weeks to defeat him and still hadn’t done it. After her initial displeasure Artemis asks Wade what he would do with the money if he won. Wade dreams of creating a space station with all the intellectual property of earth and a select few people to start over since he believes earth is declining faster than it can be saved. Artemis however would like to help save the world and reclaim what has been lost by first solving the hunger crisis that is plaguing the globe then working from there. It would be interesting to see where your reader goes with this question. Most people have a get-rich dream, but not all of us would react the same way. Think about how you would answer this question at your readers’ age and how you’d answer it now.

Chapter 10 

  1. Have you ever looked back at periods of history and been amazed by the simplest thing?
    Caregiver Note: Wade is in a recreation of Halladay’s hometown circa 1986. He is walking around and taking in the large homes with big yards and is astounded. He can’t believe that even lower class people were able to afford their own home not less than 50 years prior to his current existence. Our older teenage readers may feel this exact same way hearing about high school seniors graduating and getting jobs with GM or another major company with no experience. Then buying a house on a single income with a stay at home parent and kids. These things are rare in our current society, but were the norm 50-60 years ago.
  2. Have you ever played a retro computer game like Dungeons of Daggorath?
    Caregiver Note: Wade is attempting to open the first gate with the copper key, but in order to do so he must play and beat an old computer game from 1982. This game was an old format that required the player to enter the commands via text instead of using a controller like the most recent iteration of video games. This would be a fun way for you to introduce old video games to your readers. Maybe you have old Atari games or the classic Nintendo was your thing. Many of our younger readers were born when the Playstation 2 was considered old! They know nothing of the 80s technology that was so advanced for the time. If you do not have access to any older consoles consider a trip to a nearby arcade to let them experience some of the titles mentioned by Wade.

Chapter 11 

  1. Is there a movie you wish you could transport to? What actor/character would you play?
    Caregiver Note: When Wade opens the Copper Gate he is transported to a new world where he is playing Galaga, but it is not his avatar playing the game. Instead Wade has now appeared as Mathew Broderick’s character in War Games. Halladay’s OASIS technology gives you the ability to take over any movie or actor and put yourself in the action. When you ask your reader the question, be sure to have an answer of your own and remember that you must ask them why they choose the character and movie.


  1. If you were Wade or Artemis, Would you want to share your identity with the world?
    Caregiver Note: The world knows that two gunters have found and conquered the copper gate and now they are all trying to find out who these two avatars are. Wade is being offered large sums of money and fame to reveal who he is, but knows that the intense scrutiny of the public may be too much to bear. Our readers may not have the same reservations and being the first to do something is pretty interesting. Always make sure you have your reader defend their answer. Why would they want to share their identity or why would they keep themselves hidden? This is only the first step of three. Opening yourself to the world now might lead to a lot of scrutiny.
  2. Have you lost a long friendship? What caused the rift?
    Caregiver Note: We learn a little more about Ogden Morrow, Halladay’s friend and co-founder of the OASIS. His back story about how he and Halladay met and about Keira, his wife who Halladay also really liked. It is learned in the chapter that early into the creation of the OASIS, Morrow left the company after being bought out by Halladay because he didn’t like the direction their company was taking. It was rumored though that the two hadn’t spoken in quite some time leading up the feud. Our readers will make and lose friends sometime daily, but those lost lasting friendships are nearly the same as relationships for them. When a long standing friendship ends it is like a break up and the fall out can be brutal. Push as far as necessary with this question and know your audience. If it’s too much, back off.
  3. Have you ever been linked to a rumor?
    Caregiver Note: Wade is talking with “H” and he shows him that he is in front of the Tomb of Horrors. He figured the clues out after knowing Wade doesn’t have the money to travel many places so he is waiting to enter, but before long the secret will be out and the gate will be overrun. Rumors can be good or bad depending on how they make you feel. Luckily for Wade this rumor doesn’t really affect him, but it could affect the contest. Our readers are teens and deal in rumors frequently; they may spread them or they may be the subject of one. Ask them if they prefer either way and maybe try to find the funniest one that they have been linked to.

Chapter 13

  1. When you need a place to study, where do you go?
    Caregiver Note: Wade is deep in thought about the second riddle and is spending most of his free time trying to decipher the clue that Halladay left behind. Studying in 2020 proved to be a whole different kind of animal with the shutdown and home quarantines. Our readers had to try and find a place that was secluded enough to concentrate while everyone else in their home was also looking for a space away too. Maybe they have a spot in their room, the yard or a community space that lends well to studying. This information can be vital to you as the caregiver because if you see them in this space you know to give them some time away or potentially ask them later what they were studying or thinking about while they hung out in their space.
  2. Would you try to make money from sponsors like Wade?
    Caregiver Note: Wade has been approached by many sponsors since he was the first one to find the copper key. These sponsors allow him to make some money while also not giving up his identity to the world. Seems like a win for all those involved. If your reader would take the offers, ask them what company or product would sponsor them right now in their lives?

Chapter 14

  1. Would you have taken IOI’s offer?
    Caregiver Note: Wade is approached by IOI and is offered a very large contract to work for them and help them find the egg. The offer is a two-million dollar a year with a one-million dollar sign bonus, an apartment in IOI headquarters, a private office, a start of the art immersion rig, and a team of OASIS experts at his disposal. He would ask to get a 25 million dollar bonus if he located the egg for IOI. Wade is currently poorer than poor and his rig resides in a junkyard van. This would be a large upgrade! Our readers may be enticed by the money and not taking into the consideration the consequences of working for a corporation and the downfall of such. The book will lay out the pitfalls of IOI soon enough.
  2. What did you think of Wade’s counter offer?
    Caregiver Note: Wade accepts IOI’s offer but has just a few minor tweaks he wants to have before he would agree. 1- He wants 50 million instead of 25 when he finds the egg. 2- He wants to lead IOI and be referred to as El Numero Uno. And 3- He doesn’t want to work with Sorrento (the current leader of IOI). These demands are far fetched and over the top, but Wade also thinks IOI might consider them. Would your reader have the guts to offer something as crazy as this?
  3. What would you have done with IOI’s final offer?
    Caregiver Note: IOI actually accepted Wade’s counter proposal, but it was just a bluff. Wade had no intention of ever going over to IOI and helping them at all, so IOI let Wade know their final offer. They had wired remote explosives to his trailer in the stacks and were going to kill him, his family, and countless other people to prevent Wade from continuing on in the challenge. They did not know that Wade wasn’t actually home, but he still has a choice to make. It will be interesting to see your readers’ choice. Wade’s aunt is not very nice to him and he doesn’t like the people he lives with, but I’m sure he doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt. It’s a hard choice because if you help the bad people it may never end, but if you don’t they will hurt innocent people. Wade decides to not help IOI, but what would your reader have decided?

Chapter 15 

  1. How would you react to Wade’s story if you were one of the other five?
    Caregiver Note: Wade and “H” get the rest of the top five together for a chat room session to let them in on the tactics the IOI used to try and get Wade to help them. The other Gunters are stunned, but none of them are willing to give up the hunt. Our readers, like most teenagers, fall into two distinct groups, leaders and followers. A leader would decide that giving up is not a consideration, where a follower might be on the fence if the risk is too high. Neither group is inherently wrong, but there are flaws to both sides. Leaders move with reckless abandon and take extra risk when it might be better to be more passive. Followers can be overly passive and unwilling to make a decision that the world can leave them behind. As the caregiver you are already aware which group your reader falls into and I believe that our job is to push them into the middle of both spectrums where they are open to leading or following depending on the situation.
  2. Would you have formed an alliance?
    Caregiver Note: Wade, “H”, Artemis, Dioto, and Shoto all agree that an alliance is not something they are interested in. They all agree that keeping the egg out of IOI’s hands is what they want, but they are all independent of each other (besides Dioto and Shoto because they are brothers). Is your reader a lone wolf type or do they need the safety of numbers in order to thrive? Make sure your reader defends their answer because it would be very telling to know why they would or wouldn’t want an alliance. Do they not want to share the prize or glory? Or are they unsure they could answer all the riddles and puzzles on their own?

Chapter 16

  1. Have you ever travelled alone by bus or plane? How did you feel?
    Caregiver Note: Wade leaves Oklahoma City as soon as he is able and heads to Columbus, Ohio by bus. He is leaving everything he knows and heading to a place of great unknown with only a few possessions and very little knowledge of what life will be like. This scenario will be something that many of our readers will understand. Many of them have been in this same predicament, but instead of a bus trip they were in a case of a worker’s car to another home. If they draw the same parallel, let them run with it and see how they respond. If not, try to drop subtle hints that this journey would be a lot like a foster kid’s trip to a new foster home and how Wade might be feeling the same way.
  2. Tell me about a time you visited a big city for the first time.
    Caregiver Note: Wade is describing the sights of Columbus as his bus is arriving into the city. In Wade’s time Columbus would be like going to New York or Chicago because IOI headquarters is located there and they have one of the best internet networks in the country which makes it a desirable location for OASIS users. Many of our foster/adopt readers haven’t had the opportunity to travel due to financial implications of birth parents or life getting in the way. So if they travelled to a big city it was probably a huge deal. Skyscrapers, lots of people and the lights of a big city are a lot to take in for someone whose life is very small. Ask your reader to describe the sights, sounds, and smells to see how deep their memory goes of the visit. If they haven’t experienced this yet, plan a day trip to a big city! It will be a great memory for them for a long time.

Chapter 17 

  1. Have you ever liked someone you have never met?
    Caregiver Note: Wade and Artemis are developing feelings for each other. Well, Wade has a crush on Artemis and Artemis is baffled by the concept because they don’t know anything about each other except for what they want the world to see. In reality Artemis could be a 300 pound guy named Chuck who lives in his mom’s basement (this is a running joke in the book just FYI). Some readers may appreciate an online romance because there is less risk for them. In theory they can participate in the relationship and get everything from it that they want, but not rish being physically hurt. As caregivers, we have to be mindful of these relationships because we know about the dangers of the internet. Making sure we advise our readers to limit photos and never share sensitive information online is a constant battle. Even with consistent education your reader will undoubtedly make a mistake online and it will be our job to be there for them as well as continue to remind them about the dangers of the internet.
  2. What do Artemis and Wade have in common? Can you relate to either of them?
    Caregiver Note: As Wade and Artemis chat and get to know each other we find out a few things about them. They are roughly the same age with Artemis a little older than Wade and both have lost their parents and were raised by other family members. Our readers may be able to relate to the main characters’ love of video games, movies, and TV shows as well as the fact they both have lost their parents. I find that reading books with characters dealing with the loss of their parents help to normalize the feelings our readers may have. The feelings of loss and abandonment are not easy, but reading about how other (even fictional) characters deal with the loss can be helpful.
  3. Tell me about a time a girl or boy came between you and your friends.
    Caregiver Note: Ah young love! Wade is spending a lot of time with Artemis in the OASIS. They correspond daily and spend time doing missions to help their avatars level up while also attempting to locate the second key on their own. This time spent with Artemis has taken the time Wade would have normally spent with “H” and that is starting to strain their relationship. Teenagers, like some adults, can get tunnel vision when a girl/boy comes into their lives. As caregivers we can warn our readers about spending too much time with a girl or boyfriend, but ultimately we have to let our reader learn how to manage all of their relationships appropriately. I would suggest simple reminders that every relationship is vital to their happiness and one shouldn’t be prioritized over another.

Chapter 18 

  1. Have you ever used the L-word with a girlfriend/boyfriend?
    Caregiver Note: Wade and Artemis are at Ogden Morrow’s birthday party as guests and are having a great time. They are enjoying the music, dancing together, and having a great night out when a slow song is played and Wade tells Artemis that he is in love with her. Artemis reminds Wade that they do not actually know each other IRL (in real life) and he can not actually love her. Wade insists and things get weird. Teenagers sometimes throw around the love word a little too easily and it can lead to some broken hearts and hurt feelings. However, our foster/adopt readers may not use the word very frequently because of the feelings of loss they have with those they have loved before. Trauma and loss sometimes force us to guard our hearts a little closer than most and it is good to remind our readers that it is ok to not use that word flippantly. You can also help them with ways to explain this to girls or boys they like because not reciprocating a declaration of love can sometimes have disastrous effects.

Chapter 19

  1. What is the most outlandish thing you ever bought or asked for?
    Caregiver Note: Wade is going heavy into retail therapy after him and Artemis break up after the L-word bomb in the last chapter. So to deal with that and the depression that came along with it, Wade decided to upgrade all of his OASIS gear with the top of the line equipment and outfitted his apartment with a security upgrade for safety purposes. When we are depressed we tend to overdo things. It could be eating too much, drinking too much, withdrawing from the world, or even going on crazy Amazon spending sprees. Our readers do not have the same income stream as we do so their outlandish purchase might be a little tame. However I am sure they have asked for some big stuff so you can always go down that path. Maybe they tried to get a grandparent to buy an expensive electronic or a new pet!
  2. Do you think being physically fit would be helpful in the OASIS?
    Caregiver Note: Wade gives us another small glimpse of his day to day life when he breaks down his workout routine. He uses the OASIS and his haptic suit which helps simulate the exercises and their effects on his body to work out for about an hour each day. Even in a world that is nearly completely virtual reality physical fitness is still a vital part of being successful. This might be a reminder to your readers that they spend all their free time in front of a screen. To be successful you still need to exercise your body as well as your brain. Physical fitness helps Wade not only keep his body healthy, but also helps him perform better in physical tasks in the OASIS. Plus it helps him fit into his rig going forward.
  3. If you could work out or run in a fictional world where would you go?
    Caregiver Note: Wade’s workout seems like fun! He explains his weight lifting routine, but then tells the readers about running on a bifrost track that takes him into the nebula of twists and turns around planets and stars! If your reader is enjoying this book they must have some nerd genes inside them somewhere. Hopefully they enjoy physical fitness and could dream of a fun locale to work out in. For me, I would love to run in the Lord of the Rings realm because one simply does not walk or run through an immersive Van Gogh experience would be interesting.

Chapter 20 

  1. If you could control your own tv channel what would you broadcast?
    Caregiver Note: Due to Wade’s popularity and being the first Gunter to locate the Copper Key he was able to create a channel where he was in charge of the content shown. Since he was considered famous by many. His channel flourished and he was able to sell commercial space to earn some extra money. He routinely showed 80s tv shows, classic commercials, and 70s and 80s Japanese monster movies. Media is a huge trigger for my readers because in prior homes they didn’t get to watch tv or play on computers often. So even after many years they still are entranced by a screen. Many trauma-affected kids are the same way and use screen time as an escape mechanism to get out of the real world. Pay attention to your readers’ answers to this question. It will give you insight into what they are consuming when you are not around.
  2. Tell me what job you would create for yourself.
    Caregiver Note: Wade created a fake identity for himself when he left Oklahoma to hide from IOI. HIs new identity has a college degree and credits himself as programmer for the OASIS previously. Wade uses these fake credentials to get a job as tech support for the OASIS, but wants to do more. No one really wants to work and our readers are not special, but when you are able to do something you love it doesn’t feel as much like work. This would be a great time to share with your reader and tell them what your dream job was at their age and what it is now if it changed. Maybe you wanted to be a race car driver when you were 14, but now you really just want to make furniture or get paid to do reviews for books!

Chapter 21 

  1. What happened while Wade was at work? How would you respond if you were him?
    Caregiver Note: Artemis found the Jade Key while Wade was working in a call center helping people with OASIS problems. Here is an easy way to gauge your readers’ emotional output. I think it would be common to be frustrated, mad, happy or even curious if a friend achieves something you both have been trying to do for over six months. Each reader is different and each processed “losing” differently. Some readers may use it as motivation to play catch up, while others may be sullen and give up on the quest. When your reader answers this question be sure to inquire why they would feel that way.

Chap 22

  1. Have you ever visited an arcade? What was your favorite Coin Operated game?
    Caregiver Note: Wade visits a planet in the OASIS that is made up of old recreations of arcades that are no longer in existence. Arcades are becoming a thing of the past, but a few still are around and if your reader is a fan of video games it would be well worth the trip to let them experience the thrill of a room of video games! Be willing to share your favorite coin op game with your reader if they don’t have one or if theirs is different from yours. If you are a video game fan this book gives you many situations to bond with a reader and find a common bond!
  2. Tell me about a time you worked really hard for something to find out it wasn’t exactly what you wanted.
    Caregiver Note: Wade thinks he has solved the riddle of the Jade Key by finding a recreation of a Halladay hang out and an old Pacman game. Wade believes that in order to get the key he must play a perfect game in Pacman. This is no easy feat! It is 256 levels and you must eat every dot, item and ghost (with every power pellet) to achieve this. Wade completes the task only to be rewarded a quarter, no key and to make matters worse “H” finds the Jade Key while Wade is playing. Disappointment is a real thing for everyone and we all have worked hard at a task only to be let down by the reward at the end. It is a great idea here to normalize disappointment, but also reaffirm whatever the feat was in the first place. It is always worth it to finish a task, no matter the reward at the end.

Chapter 23 

  1. Have you ever found a toy in a cereal box? What was your favorite?
    Caregiver Note: The game in question is Zork and the player must collect 19 trophies in order to win the game. Once the trophies were collected Wade finds a whistle in a box of Captain Crunch and blows it to obtain the Jade Key. Some of our readers may not remember that joy of finding a prize in a cereal box. If this is the case you may need to do some research and show them examples of the plastic trinkets you might find. Maybe try to find a commercial for a prize you really wanted as a kid and share this with your reader! 
  2. What do you think happened to Daito?
    Caregiver Note; After Wade finds the key his score goes up vaulting him into second place just in front of “H”, but behind Artemis. At the same time he hears and sees the IOI fleet approaching the planet and he leaves as fast as he can. The score board changes revealing that Sorrento, the leader of IOI, found the Key and then Shoto found it next, but Daito’s name disappears from the scoreboard completely. This makes Wade believe that Daito has been killed in real life. This competition is starting to wind up fast and a lot is at stake. We know that IOI will go to any measure to obtain the egg and has no remorse about committing crimes. At the end of this chapter Wade is just speculating about Daito’s fate and that is exactly what we are asking our readers here. Use their knowledge of the book so far and ask them what they think happened to Daito and who might have done it. The answers to those questions will be coming soon!

Chapter 24 

  1. How well do you work under pressure?
    Caregiver Note: The second gate has been cleared and the Crystal Key has been found! Although none of our protagonists are the ones that achieved the feat. Instead, Nolan Sorrento cleared the second gate and found the Crystal Key, taking sole possession of first place and allowing fellow IOI employees to follow him; he pushed Artemis, “H”, Shoto, and Wade out of the top 10. Now they are all under pressure to find the second gate, obtain the Crystal Key and find the egg before IOI. Trauma and pressure rarely fit together. As caregivers, we see our readers struggle under the lightest of pressure because of how their brains are wired. It is our job to keep applying small amounts of pressure and potentially backing off when appropriate so we can help prepare them for the outside pressures they will face. If your reader gives you the one or two word answer follow up with this: “Tell me about a high pressure situation you have dealt with.”

Chapter 25 

  1. Tell me about a time you have experienced loss.
    Caregiver Note: Shoto meets Wade at his stronghold to explain what happened to Daito during a battle with IOI. While attempting to obtain the Jade Key Shoto and Daito come under fire from multiple IOI gunships. Diato was able to fend them off while Shoto obtained the key, but as they were preparing to flee to their ship Daito can be heard saying that someone is in his apartment. Shoto then shared a story about a man in Japan that committed suicide by jumping off his blacony. This man was Daito and Shoto believes he was murdered by IOI. Now Shoto is leaning on Wade for support after experiencing the loss of a great friend and a faux sibling he obtained in the OASIS. THIS IS A LOADED QUESTION. Feel free to skip it, but talking about loss can be helpful if you can frame it around another event or character. Our readers have all experienced loss in one way or another. A good way to frame this would be to ask if your reader can explain how they think Shoto feels after losing Daito. This might be an easier way to talk about loss instead of directly asking an open ended question.

Chapter 26. 

  1. Do you have a skill that others might think is useless?
    Caregiver Note: Wade figured out the second gate and it revolves around an obscure 80s video game. This game, Black Tiger, was one that Halladay was to play and beat with one quarter when he was a child and wanted to escape his parents’ arguments. Wade became proficient in the game and was also able to beat the game with one credit, like Halladay. Now it appears this inconsequential skill is going to pay off. All of us have a useless skill or trait that others do not understand. Maybe you are really good at trivia or you have mastered a certain board game. Whatever it is I am sure that the skill will come in handy at the best possible moment!

Chapter 27

  1. What is your all time favorite music artist?
    Caregiver Note: After clearing the second gate, Wade gets the clue for the Crystal Key and knows exactly where he needs to go. The clue was a symbol used by the band Rush, who happened to be Halladay’s favorite band and one that he listened to whenever he coded anything. Everyone has a favorite band or artist. Music is the one thing that is universal across culture and may be the only thing that truly bonds humanity as a whole. So I am sure your reader has a favorite artist right now. If you don’t know who the artist is, ask them to play a popular song on theres and see what you think. Then consider sharing your current favorite or your all time favorite band with them.
  2. Tell me about a time you succeeded when the odds seemed impossible.
    Caregiver Note: Wade has the Crystal Key! He also knows the location of the third gate and the potential hiding place of the egg. However, so does the rest of the world because IOI barricaded Anorak’s castle (where the third gate is presumably located) and has their entire army now encamped at the site. Wade does a cloaked fly-by of the world and sees that the odds are definitely not in his favor. Some may say that the odds are already stacked against our readers. If they come from the foster system they are already on an uphill battle and many will not succeed. Our readers may not see it the same way though. To them a big test or project could be something they see as a potential failure with little hope for success. As caregivers we can help our readers with confidence and praise small wins to help them gain confidence for big battles. Reminding them that moving forward, even at a slow pace is still progress.

Chapter 28

  1. Could you keep from going outside for six months?
    Caregiver Note: Wade has a plan. We don’t know what the plan is just yet, but he has one. The first step was to notify Artemis, Shoto, and “H” of the location of the second gate and the Crystal Key. Secondly he got himself arrested by IOI security. The second part is the surprising part because Wade knows that he needs help to open the third gate, but why get arrested? This all seems surreal, but the only thing worrying Wade is going outside. He hasn’t left his apartment for anything since moving in six months prior. With the 2020 pandemic we all were forced to stay home for much longer than we anticipated ever having too, but I doubt if your readers or you stayed inside for the entire time. Humans need sunshine and fresh air to survive. We are basically complicated house plants and without our necessary nutrition and sustenance we will wither up and die. I know my readers wouldn’t even consider staying inside for more than two to three days at a time so I can imagine yours are the same, but there is always one or two that surprise me.
  2. What is an Indent? Do you think this is fair?
    Caregiver Note: So in the world Wade lives in if you default on your debts, companies can force you into indentured service to them until your debt is paid off. Problem is the company charges you for your basic necessities so in all reality you really never pay off your debt and continue to work for free forever. I am very happy that this scenario isn’t something that we deal with in mainstream America, but this practice is used all throughout the world and in various subsets of the United States. If your reader is interested in the concept then can do some research into the practice. If they don’t really understand the severity of the practice you can enlighten them if they are mature enough to understand. If not relate it to having to do household chores to pay off something they broke, but everyday you also charge them for the food they eat, clothes, they wear and utilities they consume.

Chapter 29

  1. Would you risk everything for a person you’ve never met?
    Caregiver Note: Wade goes through a weird version of corporate orientation complete with a med check and in depth cleaning routine! He is now an Indent within IOI and has a plan to still find the Egg before Sorrento or any other Sixer can get their hands on it, but the reason for the risk is actually Artemis. He may be trying to infiltrate IOI to prevent them from harming “H”, Artemis, or Shoto like this did with Daito. If this is the case it is a huge risk to safe people you have never met in real life. Our readers do a lot of the crazy things with little or no forethought about consequences. I wonder what they would do in this situation or in the world of the OASIS when face-to-face interaction is at a minimum. Maybe real life meetings aren’t as important when you can still spend time with someone virtually.

Chapter 30 

  1. What is the most complex plan you have come up with?
    Caregiver Note: Wade had forethought bid on and won an auction containing IOI internet codes and system access information. The information wasn’t expensive and at the time seemed like a worthy risk in case he may need it. After LOL locked down Castle Anorak, Wade had a plan to get himself taken as an Indent and use the codes to defeat IOI from the inside. Our trauma impacted readers can have trouble putting plans into place that require multiple steps. It isn’t that they can’t think of them, it is actually their short term memory failing and not being able to remember all the steps. The practice our readers have used to write down multiple steps so they can refer to it as they progress. As caregivers, we also make it a point to only give our readers one or two directions at the most. Patience is key for caregivers and with consistent repetition and reminders you can help your reader build this skill!
  2. Do you worry about surveillance?
    Caregiver Note: Wade uses the codes he obtained to hack into IOI’s system and gather information on the third gate. While poking around he finds a file labeled threat assessment in a secure part of the system. The folder contains detailed files on Wade, Artemis, Shoto, and Daito. These files include real names, pictures, audio and video surveillance, and in Daito’s folder the video of his death. The only one of the five they seem to have no info on is “H”. Our readers are growing up in a world where they are being watched all the time. Every establishment has video cameras, internet browsing is monitored by the government and most homes have some sort of internal or external surveillance that is internet based. Understandably, many people are not happy about this, but it is a fact of our current life.

Chapter 31

  1. Do you think being able to purchase a weapon like Wade did is a good idea?
    Caregiver Note: Wade successfully got out of IOI and was able to warn Shoto, Artemis and “H” of the company’s attempt to spy on them. After ensuring that his friends would be safe Wade purchased some clothes and went to a vend-mart where he purchased a weapon, body armor, and mace. In order to purchase the weapon he scanned his hand and computer identified him, checked his credit report, criminal record, and scanned for any other flags on his personal information. No such flags were found and he was allowed to purchase the weapon. As the caregiver, try to keep your opinion out of the question. This question might give you an idea on your readers feelings towards guns and access to them. In the grand scheme this is a hot button issue that doesn’t mean much now, but what it does is give you an idea how well read your reader is. Is their argument backed in fact or is it only in emotion? As a caregiver we want to help our readers develop the ability to debate and defend their actions, and an easy way to do that is to ask them questions and then take the “devil’s advocate” position to push them further. 

Chapter 32

  1. Why do you think Halladay wants three people to open the third gate together?
    Caregiver Note: Wade, “H”, Shoto, and Artemis meet up at “H”’s chatroom to discuss his adventure at IOI and the hunt as it stands right now. Wade shares the video of Sorrento trying to unlock the third gate and it is not working for him. They were able to come to the conclusion after reading an inscription on the gate that Halladay intended this gate to unlock by three people holding the key. Ask your reader to speculate why Halladay may have changed his game to ensure three people access the final challenge. For reference this would make a lot of sense. You would want more than one person to obtain the egg and control of the OASIS so there are checks and balances. We are talking about a TESLA & AMAZON COMBINED size mountain of cash and influence over the fate of the OASIS. I would want more than just one person running the show. Halladay also started this company with three people. Ogden Morrow and his wife along with Halladay helped create the OASIS and after his partners left Halladay was never the same.
  2. If you were an OASIS user, would you fight with Wade and the others? Why?
    Caregiver Note: Wade’s grand plan is to somehow take down the shield over Castle Anorak and then call upon EVERY user in the OASIS to launch a full scale attack on the IOI fleet and strong hold. With their collective influence it is plausible the Artemis, “H”, Wade, and Shoto could rally a considerable force, but would everyone risk their avatar to fight. We have mentioned that our readers fall into two groups: Safe/timid or Risky/reckless. Depending on your reader you will get a variety of answers, but I think in this situation both groups may choose to fight if they truly understand what is at stake. This would be like losing the entirety of the internet to one business that would have a monopoly over everything we consumed. That wouldn’t sit well with anyone who has a grasp on the power that entity would have. Now I would expect 99% to show up and fight, but as a realist I know the level of fighting will depend on the user. If your reader is interested in fighting, ask them how invested or involved they would be in the actual battle knowing they could lose everything they have worked for.

Chapter 33

  1. Would you be nervous to see someone in real-life that you have only talked to online?
    Caregiver Note: Ogden Morrow approaches our group of Gunters and offers them refuge at his home in Oregon. He charters flights for each of the group except that he asks “H” to meet Wade in Columbus so they can fly together. “H” seems very nervous because he doesn’t look anything like his avatar. Wade is not worried because he also doesn’t look like his avatar in total, but is unfazed by “H”’s nervousness. Technology is changing and our readers have friends all over the world that they may have never seen in real life. With Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype that is a little less frequent but it is still possible. As caregivers we also have to be worrisome about this potential to keep our kids safe. Internet safety is a hot button topic and we must do everything we can to help our readers know how to be safe online. Use their answer to gauge how prepared they actually are with internet safety and educate them so they get to a level you are comfortable with.
  2. How is “H” different from his avatar? How would you react?
    Caregiver Note: We now understand why “H” was so nervous. It is because “H” is actually a girl! This throws off Wade because of the relationship that he and “H” had. Wade let “H” in on his personal secrets, worries, and guy stuff because he thought “H” was a guy. This feeling quickly evaporated though because Wade could see that this girl was really “H” and their friendship hadn’t actually changed or been fabricated. The OASIS allows people to be different from who they are. It breaks down barriers that we have in public. In the OASIS you don’t have to be a different race, sex, or hide your sexual preference. You can choose what you want to share and what to fabricate. This levels the playing field for everyone and removes unconscious bias. Our readers are by and away much better at equality and acceptance than previous generations and I hope that these qualities flourish as we evolve, but not everyone reacts that same way. It would be acceptable to feel betrayed, hurt, and frustrated that you were lied to by a “best friend” and your readers may express those feelings. If they do, ask them if at the end of the day would it really matter if the person was the same one you knew, but looked different. Once you get past the obvious differences I would think the rest of their personality would be the same.

Chapter 34

  1. Tell me about a time when you trusted someone without question.
    Caregiver Note: Wade did it! Well sort of at least, He, along with Artemis, “H”, and Shoto were able to convince most of the OASIS users to join them in front of Castle Anorak to fight IOI and Sorrento. They showed up with the trust that the shield would fall at precisely 12p and they could fight IOI for control of the OASIS. This blind allegiance is not something that you see very often and I honestly think our heroes were even a bit taken aback by the sheer number of avatars that showed up. Readers impacted by trauma have a hard time with trust which is understandable. Foster/adopted readers have an even bigger issue with trust because their trust has been broken so many times. It would be interesting who they trusted and what act they did with this feeling. Maybe they trusted you about a scary ride or adventure or potentially they trusted a friend that something tastes good when it looks far less advertising. Whatever their response it will help you learn where they are in their emotional journey. Trust is a huge building block in our lives and we must help our readers develop or redevelop the ability as often as we can.

Chapter 35

  1. Have you ever prioritized revenge over the right choice? Why?
    Caregiver Note: Shoto distracted Sorrento’s Mechagodzilla robot to allow “H” and Artemis enough time to enter the castle. Wade would have also had time too, but he instead went to help Shoto. Shoto’s avatar was killed by Sorrento in a battle and Wade was also nearly killed. At this point Wade could have entered the castle, opened the third gate and completed the mission, but instead he decides that Sorrento needs some public humiliation. He accesses the item left to him by Daito to exact some revenge on Sorrento before finishing his plan. Teenagers are good at carrying grudges and our readers are no different. The life experience of a foster/adopt lends to revenge and grudges quite easily. Anger and frustration are emotions that our readers feel daily and sometimes they don’t even know why. These emotions help our brains lie to us and create scenarios where revenge seems like the best option. As a caregiver you first need to validate the feelings because they are valid, but also teach your readers to work on them in positive ways. Revenge can feel great in the moment, but the guilt of your actions weighs heavy on you for a lot of time afterwards. In our home, we teach our readers that karma has a way to right the wrongs in this world and it is not our job to do this. Luckily our readers have seen this cosmic force in action a few times and believe that if you do bad things the world will eventually catch up to you. It is not a perfect fix for the immediate problem, but the payoff is far more satisfying.

Chapter 36 

  1. What was the significance of the quarter Wade won playing Pac-Man? What would you do with a second chance?
    Caregiver Note: The third gate was opened with a little help from SchoolHouse Rock. As the gate was opened a deafening boom was heard and felt throughout the area around Castle Anorak. IOI had detonated the Catalyst, a weapon that when used decimaties everything and everyone around it instantly. This weapon was rumored to exist and it was believed to be in the hands of IOI, but no one ever thought it would be used. Everyone is gone, except Wade, his screen says “congratulations you have an extra life!” It turns out the perfect Pac-man game played while searching for the second gate afforded him an extra life in the OASIS. The idea of a second chance at life is floated around when talking about foster and adopted readers. It would be interesting to see how your reader reacts to that question or if they attribute being adopted as a second chance. The question could also be viewed at a great “do-over” if they could go back and change something about their current lives. However they process the question, take the time to listen to their answer and ask follow up questions. 
  2. Would you have offered to share the prize with your friends?
    Caregiver Note: Wade is contacted by “H”, Artemis, and Shoto who have a lot of questions about his ability to be alive when EVERYONE died on the planet. He explains the story about Pac-man and his extra life. Before entering the third gate, Wade makes a promise to the other three that if he completes this gate and obtains the egg he will share the prize with them all equally. This declaration floors the other three and they do not believe him, so Wade (ever the showboater) goes to his live stream with over 200 million viewers and shares the same declaration to the world. This team of heroes wouldn’t have gotten this far without each other, but that is a lot of money and power to split up. Money is a hard thing for a lot of people and our readers are no different. Money can bring safety, security, and power, but it can also bring pain, sorrow, and hopelessness. Having money isn’t a bad thing, instead it is what you do with it or if you let it define you that can lead to trouble. If you reader would or wouldn’t share, ask them why. I am sure they have a good reason either way, but it also gives you more insight into their brain.

Chapter 37 

  1. What friends would you choose to help clear these tasks?
    Caregiver Note: Wade has to play a video game and get the high score and it is not a game he is very familiar with. Lucky for him he has Artemis, “H”, and Shoto to help coach him along. The second task is recreating the dialogue and acting from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. While we are unaware of the third task just yet, it is vital to see that Wade needs his friends’ help to clear these first two obstacles. Hopefully our readers have friends that have various talents that they do not possess themselves. Having friends that think and act the same way you do can be boring, but might be familiar enough for our readers that they don’t think anything of it. As a caregiver I would be interested to see if your reader or their friends are familiar with Monty Python at all. If they are not, I recommend having them check out Holy Grail! If they enjoyed this book, that movie is another cornerstone of geek culture that needs to be shared by all. The point of these questions is to once again get a grasp on your readers’ friends and help you determine who your reader spends their free time with. Understanding these kids can help you help your reader if problems arise or if they need advice. Plus if they are good friends you will probably see them often.

Chapter 38

  1. Would you want the ability to end the OASIS with a touch of a button?
    Caregiver Note: WADE CLEARED THE GATE. Upon clearing the final task Anorak transferred all his power and abilities into Wade and started explaining a few different things about his new found power and ability. He is all powerful and invincible, he can teleport anywhere he wants, and he can wish for anything he wants as well. The last thing is that he is given the ability to destroy the OASIS with a push of a button. As caregivers we give our readers responsibilities that can end in triumph or failure. Generally the win/lose aspect only impacts them and no one else is harmed or helped. In this case Wade is given the power to destroy something that impacts the whole world. Talk about responsibility to the max! The better question you can ask yourself and maybe share with your reader is “Would you trust your reader with that much power?” If not, why and what do they need to do (or do you need to teach them) to clear your worry?
  2. What happened to Sorrento? Do you believe in Karma?
    Caregiver Note: Near the end of the chapter “H” informs Wade that Sorrento was pulled from his haptic chair by the police who were investigating IOI for the multiple crimes Wade uncovered and alerted the world to. This is the ultimate karma kick that a guy like Sorrento needs. Not only did he not get the egg while cheating his way through the competition, he is also going to jail for the stunning pile of crimes he committed with his company. Karma is something that I remind my readers about daily. It is not our job to exact revenge, let’s just sit back and let the world run its course. Generally, the good people benefit and the bad people suffer, it just might take a little more time than we want it to.

Chapter 39

  1. Tell me about the one thing about “real-life” that keeps you off of electronics.
    Caregiver Note: Wade and Artemis (now known as Samantha) finally meet in real life after about two years of knowing each other only in the OASIS. The meeting is sort of anti-climatic, but offers some closure to the story. After the encounter, Wade finally has something that makes him not want to log into the OASIS and that would be Samantha. Our readers hopefully have interests that are non-electronics related and find time to spend outside. Whether it is a sport, art, enjoying nature, or just exercising there has to be one thing that makes them not want to link online. As caregivers we should be pushing those things to help our readers become more well rounded, but also to help their brains develop. If your reader needs a push, find something that interests them and sign them up or take random trips to local hiking trails, parks, beaches, and sporting events. Anything you do only helps strengthen your relationship and helps you grow as a family!

About the Reviewer: Steve Madole

I am an adoptive dad of three boys living near Grand Rapids, MI with my wife, our cats and dog. We also fostered many other children in the last 5 years! I have done many trainings with the Dr. Karen Purvis Institute and try to keep up on different trauma training’s monthly. My whole family nerds out on comic books, video games, movies and regular books! We often read a lot of the same comics and books which can lead to some awesome conversations!

Transfiguring Adoption is a nonprofit organization seeking to nurture growth in foster and adoptive families by giving a HOOT about their families. Transfiguring Adoption does not intend for its reviewers nor its reviews nor this discussion packet to be professional, medical or legal advice. These reviews and discussion guides are intended to help parents to better be able to connect and understand their children who come from traumatic backgrounds.

Written by
Steve is an adoptive dad of three boys living near Grand Rapids, MI with his wife, his cats and dog. Along with his wife, he has fostered many other children in the last 5+ years! He has completed many trainings with the Dr. Karen Purvis Institute and strives to keep up on different trauma training's monthly. His whole family nerds out on comic books, video games, movies and regular books! His family often reads a lot of the same comics and books which can lead to some awesome conversations!

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