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Pie Face! – Board Game Review For Your Foster/Adoptive Family


From the Back of the Box:

The exciting PIE FACE game is filled with fun and suspense! Put some delicious whipped cream from home or the wet sponge on the “hand” and wait for the tension to build as you turn the handles. Keep your fingers crossed and hope you’re not the one who gets a splat!

  • Ages: 5+
  • Players: 2+ Players
  • Approx. Game Time: As little as 15+ minutes

This game first caught the attention of our kids. There is just something innately inside the kid in all of us that just longs to see another human being get hit in the face with whipped cream.

Our family of six played this after Sunday lunch one day along with grandma. Thus, the ages varied from 10 to 16 and 18, mid-thirties and mid-sixties. There were few pieces in the box and everything was intuitive for putting together.

We did have to provide our own whipped cream for the game. While many people would get a spray can, we found that a regular tub of whipped cream worked well with more cream to keep the game going longer. The game also comes with a sponge for you to soak with water so that people can get hit with a wet sponge if whipped cream is not your cup of tea.

One issue that foster and adoptive parents may encounter are sensory/texture issues due to the whipped cream. As you know your child best you will know whether they will have this texture issue or not. You might let a sensory child feel a small dab of whipped cream ahead of time before playing. It is also important to note that the hand mechanism that “splats” the cream in your face does not seem to get much cream on a person. Most of the time our family merely got a bit of cream on the tip of our nose.


  • Simple, Easy Fun
    There is no reading in the game. There is no strategy. You are merely expected to spin the arrow on the spinner and turn the crank the number of times you spin on the spinner. Children that have a difficulty remembering directions or reading will do well with this game.
  • Silly Atmosphere for Connection
    As I stated above, this game seems to instantly create an atmosphere of silliness and fun. It is during these times of playfulness that people drop their walls and drop their guard. Kids (as well as adults) are more likely to trust and bond during these times of pure fun.
  • Communication and Help
    During the came family members will have to take turns, pass the game machine to one another. People will also have to help each other load the machine so the next person can take their turn.


  • Possible Sensory Issues
    As stated above, the whipped cream could possibly be a sensory/texture issue for some children. You will need to prep your child for the situation or modify the game. We strongly suggest NOT turning this game into a way to get your child to overcome their texture issues. Allow the game to simply be a fun and bonding experience for your family.
  • Messy
    If you’re a caregiver that doesn’t want a mess, this game is obviously not going to be our game. Our family did not seem to have a large mess to clean up. However, we did find that we needed a towel to help clean faces. The game machine and table top were also in need of wipe downs after the game was over.

Overall, this game allowed our family to bond and create a memory together. The game seems to create the atmosphere for people to laugh together and just be silly. So many times we want serious attempts to bond and connect with our children but this game will allow you to playfully and in an unguarded atmosphere be able to connect with your child.

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