A Guide To Magical Creatures – Activity Book



Children from traumatic backgrounds (including foster and adoptive children) have often been asked to give up pretend, play, and childhood in order to survive in an adult world. This is unfortunate as we tend to learn crucial lessons about the world and ourselves within the confines of childhood play. While children might be removed from the cause of chronic trauma, the concept of play will not come naturally for them. This book (along with the complimentary parent activity guide) will help you and your child to discover a world of pretend where your child can also conquer issues in relationship.


The REAL magic of this book is found in the complimentary companion parent guide. The parent guide is full of activities created for parents to engage with their children. The parent guide (and book for that matter) were under the supervision of former foster youth and adult adoptees to assure that the activities are ones that will help caregivers connect with their children and create an atmosphere where a family playfully and in a healthy manner address various trauma-caused behaviors.

How do you get the parent guide?! Simply order a copy of the magical creatures book and use the website address listed in the book to download the free parent guide.


“For many people who have been around children for any length of time, they will tell you that children best communicate through play. Oftentimes the children that enter our lives through foster care and adoption have experienced trauma that they are unsure how to manage. This book is a great way to help the children in our community feel safe in their new home while also giving them the ability to create great memories with their caregivers. Every child should experience having a magical childhood and this book is a great resource to help ensure that each child whom comes through your doors will leave with joy and excitement from the memories created.” Pattie Moore, RMFTI Marriage & Family Therapist

“Many foster kids are ‘parentified’ – meaning basically that they’ve taken on a bit of an adult role with regard to their younger siblings – and need to re-learn that it is OK to be a kid… I think including a sense of fantasy into the worlds of kids can be helpful and fun. [Transfiguring Adoption’s] idea is very charming, delightful, and engaging.” Addison Cooper, MSW, LCSW, Founder of Adoption at the Movies

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