Foster Leaders Academy by Transfiguring Adoption


We Foster Connection. We Foster Learning. We Foster Leaders.

The Foster Leaders Academy is a training program, managed by Transfiguring Adoption, designed to help those transitioning from foster care to adulthood define and achieve their personal and professional goals.

The Need:

Every year, 20 to 30 thousand youth will “age-out” of the foster care system lacking a sufficient support system which will leave them at risk of suffering from homelessness, incarceration, unemployment, and other negative outcomes requiring public intervention.

The Solution:

Built on 11 years of providing personal and professional coaching to those transitioning out of foster care, the Foster Leaders Academy framework instills three core concepts into youth that make the difference between whether an individual transitioning from foster care is going to thrive in their adult lives or not.

  • Foster Connection
    Promoting positive connections that already exist in the lives of those transitioning out of foster care (foster parents, CASA workers, mentors, etc.), while facilitating opportunities for them to connect with peers and other individuals who can nurture their personal and professional goals

  • Foster Learning
    Graduating youth through an online series of educational modules which give them the practical knowledge and tools they need to be successful adults, who can reach their professional and personal goals

  • Foster Leadership
    Connecting those transitioning from foster care to income-earning and community service opportunities to showcase the resilience and overall leadership potential of the foster youth community to the public

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