Anne With An “E,” Season 01, Episode 01 – Review

Transfiguring Adoption’s Thoughts:

**There may be spoilers**

Anne with an “E” is an Netflix original series that appears to be creating new slight twists on the old favorite and updating the tale enough to interest a new generation. The series was created for enjoyment by the general public with a TV-PG rating. It was drawn to Transfiguring Adoption’s attention that the foster and adoptive community was naturally curious about this series due to the fact that the main character, Anne, is an orphan.

As you read this review, you might be immediately curious about the Two Hoot score this episode received. Please visit the link above to see the description of our system. Within those descriptions you will see that a Three Hoot score is the baseline and a Two STILL describes a piece of media with merit. Transfiguring Adoption found that this piece of media requires that a caregiver understand very well where their child is at in their trauma journey.

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Transfiguring Adoption is a nonprofit organization seeking to nurture growth in foster and adoptive families by giving a HOOT about their families. Transfiguring Adoption does not intend for its reviewers nor its review to be professional, medical or legal advice. These reviews and discussion guides are intended to help parents to better be able to connect and understand their children who come from traumatic backgrounds.

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Co-founder and Program Director of Transfiguring Adoption. Darren is a graduate of Illinois State University where he studied fine art. He offers foster and adoptive parents over a decade of experience in parenting foster and adoptive children, as well as his introductory to counseling training. Darren enjoys visiting amusement parks with his family. LinkedIn: Facebook:

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