Toy Story – Review

Transfiguring Adoption’s Overview:

Oh, the 90s! The decade of computer animation and innovation! Long before Disney bought Pixar outright (in 2006) studio collaborations such as 1995’s Toy Story were highly anticipated and paved the way for many fan favorites we enjoy today. Throw in some fantastic vocal talents and a heartwarming soundtrack, and you have the perfect ingredients for a 90s blockbuster.

This movie can be easily enjoyed by almost all ages as indicated by the G rating due to the quick pace and colorful, slapstick humor for children and the endearing storyline and wordplay for teens and adults.

Foster/Adoptive families can benefit from this film, though foster care or adoption is not explicitly discussed. This movie features themes such as separation and reunification of a family-like unit, jealously, identity, communicating needs, cultural awareness, and problem-solving.

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Transfiguring Adoption is a nonprofit organization seeking to nurture growth in foster and adoptive families by giving a HOOT about their families. Transfiguring Adoption does not intend for its reviewers nor its review to be professional, medical or legal advice. These reviews and discussion guides are intended to help parents to better be able to connect and understand their children who come from traumatic backgrounds.

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