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  • Stuffed Owl Plushie: Adopt A Family

    Stuffed Owl Plushie: Adopt A Family

    The magical part of our stuffed plushie owls is NOT how cute they are but the story that comes attached with them. Each owl represents the story of a real life foster or adoptive family, who has shared a little about their struggles or situation, in hopes that YOU will (pray about / send positive vibes / think about them.) It's our way of helping the public to get a glimpse of the struggles foster/adoptive parents are feeling and allowing parents to share their story so they don't feel isolated. Please adoptive an owl and a family.

    Quantity: One Owl
    Dimensions: 4in. x 6in.
    Fabric Color: Varies
    Eye Embroidery Color: Varies
    Necktie Color: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue

    Stuffed Owl Plushie: Adopt A Family

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