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Miracle Children – A Foster Adoptive Parent’s Book Review


From the Cover of Miracle Children: Behavior and Learning Disabilities Uprooted by Anna R. Buck:

“ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Anna Buck has been in the educational field for more than 20 years. A certified Neuro-Developmental Delay therapist and Listening Fitness instructor, she established Anna’s House, LLC, in 2005 in Denver, Colorado.”



Transfiguring Adoption awarded this book 4 Hoots out of 5 based on how useful it will be for a foster/adoptive family. [Learn more about our Hoot grading system here]

What Our Family Thought:

I was given this book by a friend whose children are seeing Anna Buck for neuro-developmental delay therapy. This family has seen a child exhibit two years worth of progress in six month’s time. I found it to be a quick, easy read. Miracle Children contains mostly anecdotal evidence, case histories, and explanations of the therapy and why it works rather than scientific or empirical evidence. This makes it a good book for parents to explore another treatment option in a readable and easily accessible way, but if one desires more science and proof, she references books by Sally Goddard (Reflexes, Learning And Behavior: A Window into the Child’s Mind: A Non-Invasive Approach to Solving Learning & Behavior Problemsand Sally Goddard Blythe (The Well Balanced Child: Movement and Early Learning), which appear to be a bit more scientific. I am going to be looking more into this type of therapy.

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It’s Your Turn:

  1. Have you had any experience with neuro-developmental delay therapy?
  2. If so, what types of results did you see?


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