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Maybe Days: A Book For Children In Foster Care – Book Review


From the Cover of Maybe Days: A Book For Children In Foster Care by Jennifer Wilgocki & Marcia Kahn Wright:

For many children in foster care, the answer to many questions is often “maybe”. “Maybe Days” is a straightforward look at the issues of foster care, the questions that children ask, and the feelings that they confront. A primer for children going into foster care, the book also explains in children’s terms the responsibilities of everyone involved – parents, social workers, lawyers and judges. As for the children themselves, their job is to be a kid – and there’s no maybe about that.


5 hoots out of 5

Transfiguring Adoption gave this book 5 out of 5 Hoots based on it’s usefulness to foster and adoptive families. [Learn more about our Hoot grading system here.]

What Our Family Thought:

Our family thought that Maybe Days did a great job describing the different professionals that are involved in the foster care process on a child’s level. The book also does a pretty good job of describing the situation that a foster child is in – namely that it is not their fault and discussing the various situations they may find themselves.

I (Darren) wished the book did a better job of creating a content that was melodic or rhyming. It seemed as though my tongue kept tripping up while reading this book to my various children.

Even though Maybe Days is the title of the book, the content doesn’t deal with that concept until the last 4 to six pages of the book. The Majority of the book deals with the issues we covered above. However, it is still a valuable tool to discuss this concept with your kid(s). We wished they would have explored it a little more.

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Discussion Questions for Your Family:

  1. What are questions you ask your foster mom/dad and they answer “Maybe”?
  2. Is it bad to like your foster parents and birth mom/dad at the same time? Why?
  3. How are you similar to the people in your foster family? How are you different?
  4. What are the things you can do today that “Maybes” won’t get in the way of?


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