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Luca (2021) – Discussion Guide

Discussion Guide:

  1. Why do you think Luca’s parents are so opposed to his interest in the human world? How do they express their concern? Do you think there was a better way they could have approached this?
    Caregiver Note: At the beginning of the movie we see Luca collecting small treasures left behind from the humans and asks his parents questions about what it’s like on the surface. Luca’s mother repeatedly refuses to talk about it, instead just telling him that he shouldn’t be interested in them because they’re murderers and if he goes on land they will kill him. At this point Luca’s simply curious and interested in learning more. Instead of discussing his interest, why it’s important to him and finding a way for him to explore it safely, his mom simply forbids it, shutting him down. As most parents of teenagers know, telling them they can’t do something seems to only make them want to do it more. Had she been willing to sit down with Luca and have an open dialogue about his passions and calmly explain her reasons for concern, perhaps things would have turned out differently. While a blanket ‘because I said so’ may work for very young children, Luca appears old enough here to participate in a meaningful conversation and rules and the reasons behind them. Certainly not blaming the mom for his choices to lie and run away, but having this conversation with your kids may be a way to both reflect on your own parenting approach and hear their ideas about what approach might work best for them. It also seems that his mother unintentionally exacerbates Luca’s anxiety with her constant mention of danger, which is something he has to…

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About the Author: Jenn Ehlers

Jenn is a central Virginia native who received her BA in Psychology from the University of Virginia in 2012. Since then she has worked for a local mental health agency and the Department of Social Services in various capacities and has been involved in her community’s efforts to create a Trauma Informed Network. Currently Jenn works in vocational rehab and mentors youth in foster care. When she isn’t working, Jenn enjoys writing stories, anything and everything Harry Potter, and spending time with her niece and nephew.

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