Movies for Grown Ups


The movies on this list include documentaries to help caregivers understand the children in their care and fictional movies with foster care or adoption. Some may be movies that may be suitable for older children based upon your discretion.

NOTE: Inclusion on these lists does not necessarily mean endorsement. Furthermore, with all our resources, we highly recommend you preview them first to determine if there are any trauma triggers that your child may not be ready to handle.

Adoption and Foster Care RX:
Solutions for Wounded Families
adoptive parenting; foster parenting;
America's Most Unwantedaging out; foster care issues; LGBTQ youth in foster care
Belle18th century EnglandPG
Black or Whitekinship adoption; racePG-13
The Blind Sidefoster care, adoption, success, school issues, special needsPG-13
Campfoster care; summer campPG-13
The Drop BoxKorea; abandoned babies; documentaryPG
Feeling Wantedfoster care story
Fostering Changefoster care; adoption; international adoption; family story;
Gimme Shelterteen pregnancy; abuse; foster care; shelter; homeless teen; hope; based on true storyPG-13
Given a Chance...A Little Girl's Journeyadoption; special needs; service dog; physical challenges;
Kids' Rightsadoption; controversial issues; gay adoption, outcomes for children in their birth countries, foster care in the United States, impacts of institutionalized care, the impact of the Hague Convention on intercountry adoption and the realities for children growing up without a family
Know How5 New York teenagers; foster care; group homesNR
The Identicalclosed adoption; secrecy; twins; separated at birth; fictionPG
Lucky Bastard

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5 hoots out of 5
5 Out of 5 Hoots
Birth family relationships; closed adoption; identityNR
My Name is Faith
trauma; RAD; PTSD; adoption; www.mynameisfaith.comNR
Noblepoverty; domestic violence; abuse; orphanage; street children; Vietnam; overcomingPG-13
Philomenateen pregnancy; closed adoption; lossPG-13
abuse; neglect; foster care
ReMoved 2: Remember My Story
abuse; neglect; foster care
Short Term 12
Review of Short Term 12
foster care, abuse, residential careR
Twin Sistersdocumentary; Chinese twins; separated; adoption; reunificationNR