Forever Fingerprints: An Amazing Discovery For Adopted Children – Book Review


From the Forever Fingerprints: An Amazing Discovery For Adopted Children by Sherrie Eldridge:

“For adopted children, learning about their beginnings and how they understand what that means to them is a process. It doesn’t happen at one point in time, but rather throughout the experiences of life. In this heartwarming children’s book, Forever Fingerprints, uses a common occurrence – a relative’s pregnancy – as a springboard for discussions on birthparents, where adopted children are before they are born, and how that makes one little girl feel about it.

Lucie is excited to feel a baby moving in her Aunt Grace’s tummy but it makes her think of how she understands her adoption story in a different way. The tools offered in this book help her to create a unique connection to her birthparents, allow how she is feeling to surface and to be discussed, and give Lucie’s parents the chance to reinforce their love for her, to empathize with her feelings and to honor her past.”



Transfiguring Adoption awarded this book 4 Hoots out of 5 based on how useful it will be for a foster/adoptive family. [Learn more about our Hoot grading system here]

What Our Family Thought:

Transfiguring Adoption feels that this is book is targeted toward children around the ages of 5 – 10 (elementary school aged children). The book appears to be written with adoptive families in mind and the author herself appears to be an adult adoptee.

The illustrations for this book colorful drawings that will do fine in engaging a child. We noticed that the main character, Lucie’s face, is not shown throughout the entire book. We believe that is an asset to the illustrations as children (especially a girl) can imagine their face being where Lucie’s should be.

The book goes through the process of taking an honest look at questions that may come up in a young adoptee’s mind about their birth parents when they are faced with the pregnancy of another relative. The book appears to have done a good job of making the connection between the child coming from the birth mother’s womb with brief and age appropriate details. These facts are then used to discuss the concerns and questions Lucie has about her adoption situation. Transfiguring Adoption felt that the story’s discussion of unique fingerprints being given to a child by their birth parent was an excellent addition. Especially, if your child is in a situation where they are unable to have contact with their birth parent(s).

Overall, Transfiguring Adoption found that this story would be most beneficial to adoptive families. The book lastly concludes with a few short pages that explain how to use the book with an adoptive child and gives a few activities to share with your child.

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It’s Your Turn:

  1. Look at one of your fingertips. What does your fingerprint look like?
  2. Could Lucie’s mom and dad find Lucie’s birth mom? How did that make her feel?
  3. Why are Lucie’s fingerprints so important to her?
  4. Where did you get your fingerprints from?
  5. Do you think Lucie loves both her adoptive mom and birth mom? Is that ok?
  6. Besides fingerprints, what are things you got from your birth parents?
  7. What traits have you received from your adoptive parent(s)?


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Co-founder of Transfiguring Adoption. A husband and father of four adopted children. Darren is a dynamic graphic artist and social media manager. He is an avid fan of the Harry Potter series and a lover of coffee. Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: @darren_fink

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