Crayola DigiTools Airbrush Pack – Review


Should Your Family Get The Pack?

As with any of our reviews, we hope that our video will give you enough of a preview of the items or trip to be able to make a more educated purchase decision on your own. Our reviews are created with foster and adoptive families in mind (obviously not to say that they are not useful to ALL families). Our intention is to seek out items and trips that will help you better bond with your foster or adoptive children.

Here are some of our thoughts for families concerning this item:

Things to Watch Out for:

  • Online Access
    We honestly didn’t play with these features. However, we noticed that it appears that children can Email, print and share their creations on social media. Some caregivers with children from traumatic backgrounds may want to be cautious about these features as many of our kids tend to have trouble using the internet responsibly.

Strong Points:

  • Durable Materials
    This Airbrush Pack was created for children age 3 and above. The tools and case appear to be very sturdy and durable. You shouldn’t have any concerns with a young child breaking these items.
  • Fine Motor Skills
    The airbrush tool in this pack could possibly assist your child with fine motor skills. It’s similar in size and shape to a pencil. As your child attempts to decorate the car, guitar or other digital backgrounds that come with the app, they will have to practice careful and tight motions with their fingers. The projects can essentially be very precise and detailed while for young children it could be the equivalent to a finger painting project.
  • Diverse Options
    Not only can you utilize the stamp, airbrush and roller tools but there are options for digital stencils, markers, and crayons. Most of these other tools can be used by simply moving your finder tip over the screen. The tools seemed to be pretty intuitive for our kids who did not need a tutorial lesson before creating with this app. As it is a Crayola brand pack, it goes without saying that not only were the tools diverse but there were a wide variety of colors to be executed in projects as well.
  • Easy Travel
    The case for the tools was designed to be able to attach securely to the side of an iPad. This makes this activity a great option for a long car trip. We can see that it would occupy kids on the ride with minimal chances that a bunch of pieces will end up all over the car.

How Was Your Experience?

Comment below and let us know your advice or suggestions for helping foster or adoptive families in using this item.

*Note: Transfiguring Adoption is grateful to a donor/fan that made this review possible. If you would like our crew to review an item for families, please contact:


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