Best Foster Parent In The U.S.: The Hannah Eimers Award


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Finalists – Best Foster Parent In The U.S. Award

I had two children who were placed with two prospective adoptive families and then given back based off their lack of desire to adopt. The children were birthed into a traumatic atmosphere with their biological parents and now began to experiencing the feeling of being rejected and not good enough. Yvette Clark came into the picture with the determination and selflessness to LOVE THESE TWO CHILDREN BACK TO LIFE. Yvette was the children's placement for approximately 12 months and participated in vetting the third and last adoptive placement. Today those two children have been adopted by a loving family who are truly appreciative towards Yvette Clark amongst others in walking along side with them through this process and giving life to those two children who experienced what no person should experience, not being wanted. The children are 5 and 4 years old and continues to hold a special place in their heart for Yvette Clark.
Ms. Easterly will go above and beyond others to advocate for the children she takes into her home. She accepted a 15 year old male into her home, while his higher level of need siblings were placed into a different foster home and into a residential care facility for special needs children. Me. Easterly embraced and levied for frequent sibling contact and traveled over an hour while transporting her foster child's brother from the center to her home for passes. When ready to step down, she researched resources to help meet the child's (nearing 18) needs as he transitioned to her home. She did this FOR her foster child, but quickly became a strong advocate for the older child, as well. The young man struggles with "normalcy", as he is autistic and has very unique self expression desires. Ms. Easterly allows him to dress as he chooses, freely expressing himself as he desires. As a tesult, the young man has quickly developed a trust in Ms. Easterly and loves "his home". Ms. Easterly has now allowed the sister to begin having passes in the home with her brothers, and is building a bond with teenage girl while allowing all three children ( amongst others in her home) to be themselves in a wonderful non-judgemental environment. She assists the children with word choices as needed and strives to ensure that the children's wishes and desires are clear with the child and family team members. Ms. Easterly provides guidance and direction to peer foster parents as well. She openly shares her knowledge and lessons learned with others, always offering a word of advice, a period if respite, or just an ear to listen. She is a role model for foster parents and is definitely worthy of the title as best foster parent.
Emily is my daughter-in-law. She and her husband (my son Steve) love children and have done a wonderful job making them feel safe and cared for. In the past 8 years, they have taken in about 12 kids and have adopted one little girl with FAS. Their house is loud and chaotic (with 3 biological kids, their adopted daughter, and two foster siblings.), but they believe that fostering is one of the best ways to show God's love and compassion. In 2014,their first-born (biological) son passed away, yet they continued to care for others rather than be overwhelmed by their grief. Emily works hard at fostering; managing the various doctor, therapy, and agency appointments, and being a strong advocate for kids in the system. She's even done a great job learning how to do the hair care for her ethnically diverse family. She helped form a monthly support group for foster and adoptive moms in her church, that now includes foster moms from other communities.

The Best Foster Parent in the United States Award

May is National Foster Care Month and is a time when foster parents are recognized and honored, and Transfiguring Adoption wants to do just that through our annual Best Foster Parent in the United States Award.


Hannah Eimers was a young lady who was passionate about orphans and foster children. Her passion was seen through her actions with her own adoptive siblings and her loving advocacy toward children who needed a home. Hannah was tragically killed at the early age of 17 in an automobile accident. Though her life has ended, her passion for helping children from traumatized backgrounds still inspires us and is the reason we will yearly award one parent as The Best Foster Parent in the U.S.

The Award:

  • Special Award Engraved With The Winner’s Name
  • Transfiguring Adoption T-shirt



  1. Nominate a foster parent using the form below.
    (Nominations will be accepted through June 1st.)
  2. Transfiguring Adoption will announce the finalists for the contest on June 4 via Facebook.
    (We will also contact you and the nominee’s agency via the contact information you provide.)
  3. The public will be allowed to vote for the winner from June 4 – 22.
    (Note: Your written entry will be used for the public to see and vote on.)
  4. The winner will be announced on July 1st via Facebook and our monthly E-newsletter.
    (Transfiguring Adoption will mail the award to foster agency or nominator to deliver to winner)

Qualities We Would Like To Hear Examples Of:

  • Imperfection
    No parent is perfect. A great foster parent accepts this, owns up to their mistakes and learns from them.
  • Advocacy for Child
    Many of us dislike conflict. Many of us have overbooked schedules. Great foster parents will do what it takes for the best interest of their foster child.
  • Continued Learning
    Parenting a child from a traumatic background is “different” from traditional parenting. A great foster parent is continually trying to learn more about how to help children coping with difficult pasts.
  • Change
    Along with the qualities of imperfection and a willingness to learn, a great foster parent is going to change how they parent in order to do the best for their child.
  • Creative – Think Outside the Box
    A great foster parent has tricks up their sleeve. They have special games, activities, or bedtime books that “traditional” parents do not utilize to help their child(ren) to thrive.





Transfiguring Adoption is a program of Community Life Concepts – a 501(c)3 organization. This contest/award is only available for residents of the United States. This contest does not discriminate against person due to race, gender, religion, etc. The staff and volunteers of Community Life Concepts and Transfiguring Adoption reserve the right to disqualify a nomination/entry for any reason for which they see fit.