Sweet Dreams – Nightlight Drive for Foster Families

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Imagine a life where you believe all grown ups want to HURT you and all caregivers are LIARS.

lightning-bug-elf-squad-nighlight-driveWhy would you believe a foster mom/dad when they tell you, “You’re safe in our home?” How do we help a caregiver make a child FEEL Safe?!

Sweet Dreams: Nightlight Drive for Foster Families

lightning-bug-elf-squad-nighlight-driveA nightlight has the magical ability to make a child FEEL safe at night. Why?! Not only does a caregiver tell them they are safe, but they can see around their bedroom for themselves that no thing or person is intruding on them when they are most vulnerable.

This doesn’t help only smaller children. A nightlight has a profound positive impact on teenagers.

How You Can Help?

  1. Grab a NEW nightlight… or two or three or….
  2. Send them to the Transfiguring Adoption Office:
    Transfiguring Adoption
    c/o Community Life Concepts
    1015 Cedar Lane
    Knoxville, TN 37912
  3. Donations will be accepted through April 27, 2018

Financial Donations – Convenience and Ease:

The Elf Squad Contest:

This event/contest is being run by the Transfiguring Adoption Elf Squad. We are passionate about supporting caregivers and protecting kids. While you don’t have to take part  in the contest to help out, we like to add another element of fun to our projects.


Score the most Points for your Hogwarts House to get the Elf Squad Cup
(The Badgers Team is currently in possession of the cup from the last contest)

lightning-bug-elf-squad-nighlight-driveGet the Elf Squad Cup for your house AND score a graphic themed for your house to show off on YOUR social media – GO TEAMS
Winner will be announced the first week of May 2018.


  1. Follow the steps above for participating in the Sweet Dreams Drive
  2. Along with your donation ADD a note or some sort of identifier for the Hogwarts House you’re representing so we know which House to award points
  3. Score 100 points for every nightlight received
  4. Tell your friends to get involved for better chances of winning
  5. Check our the Elf Squad Facebook Group Page for updates on the score

Financial Donations – Convenience and Ease:

  • Every $5 donated will earn your House 100 Points
  • Be sure add which House to award points in the “note” section




Over 1,200 night lights have been collected as of December 5, 2016. Because of your efforts, 2,000- 3,000 foster children will be able to sleep easier in their new foster home in 2017.